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حسين فهمي في مهرجان الأقصر للسينما الأفريقية

Luxor African Film Festival honors Hussein Fahmy with “lifetime achievement”

The Luxor African Film Festival honored Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy with the “Lifetime Achievement” award at the opening of its 11th session, which started on Friday.

After receiving the honor, Fahmy said: “Having a festival representing African cinema in this great city, Luxor, is a great thing and we are proud of it. Year after year”.

In the opening ceremony, the festival honored Algerian actress Bayouna, director Apollin Traore from Burkina Faso, and Egyptian actor Amr Saad, who was absent from the ceremony and received the honor by his son Rabi.

The opening activities began after sunset on the banks of the Nile in a carnival atmosphere, with the participation of the Luxor Folk Instruments Band, which accompanied the festival guests from their residence to the conference hall where the ceremony was held.

Scriptwriter Sayed Fouad, head of the festival, said: “A second decade of the festival begins today… I feel that the festival has grown and needs bigger moves and more support.”

He added, “Forty percent of the films this year are shown internationally for the first time, and the program is full of activities directed at the local audience, which is the biggest supporter of the festival.”

The session, which continues until the tenth of March, raises the slogan “Rediscover Egypt”, and the festival is organizing an expanded symposium within its program of activities under this title to discuss how to support and facilitate the portrayal of foreign cinematographic works in Egypt.

The festival dedicates this edition to the spirit of the Egyptian actress and singer Hoda Sultan (1925-2006), the spirit of the Egyptian actor Mahmoud Morsi (1923-2004), the spirit of the Moroccan director Mohamed Ismail (1951-2021), as well as the Senegalese director Djibril Diop Mambite, whose name the session bears.

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45 films are competing for prizes in four competitions: the Feature Film Competition, which includes ten films, the Short Film Competition, which includes 15 films, the Documentary Film Competition, which includes 11 films, and the Diaspora competition for films by African directors residing outside the continent, which includes nine films.

The festival will also screen six films outside the official competition from Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Burkina Faso, in addition to five films from the latest productions of Egyptian cinema.

In addition to film screenings and seminars, the festival, which is organized by the Independent Artists Youth Foundation, holds ten specialized training workshops for the people of Luxor in directing and acting, in addition to organizing three various art exhibitions.