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جوهرة وفيفي عبده

“Ma’arfahash” .. A shocking comment from Fifi Abdo about Jawhara | news

The star, Fifi Abdo, commented on a number of pictures on the “Al-Arafa” program presented by the media, Basma Wahba, on the “Al-Mehwar” channel.

Fifi said about the image of the dancer, Jawhara, “Marafhash”, and about Saad Al-Saghir, “I love him and Ibn Balad.” She commented on the image of singer Ahmed Saad, saying: “The sweetest voice in Egypt.”

As for rapper wigs, she said: “A beautiful color, bravo, and I can dance to his songs.” And about the great composer Hilmi Bakr, Fifi Abdo said: “A beautiful composer, he criticizes the whole world, and he sometimes has a right, and I am with festival singers, because they work.” Good things.”

It is reported that Jawhara had previously expressed her love for the star Fifi Abdo, stressing that she is her role model in dancing, developing to teach dance like her.

The “Al-Arafa” program is shown daily throughout the month of Ramadan after breakfast with stars of art and sports, where it will witness many surprises, details and secrets for its guests.

Basma Wahba, through the Sibyl program, relies on the help of an unknown person who speaks from behind a veil called “The Sibyl”, and her role is based on confronting the program’s guests with secrets that no one knows about them, the problems they have faced in their lives, and the misfortunes that they have been involved in in their different age stages.

On the other hand, Fifi Abdo is participating in this year’s Ramadan drama season in the series “Work in the High” about the two friends, Fifi Abdo and Sherine Reda, and they face many comic situations during the episodes.

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And co-starring Tony Maher, Basma Daoud, Marwan Younes, Karim Sorour and others, written by Hussein Mustafa Muharram, and directed by Mark Adel.

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