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Mabkhout .. 13 years of love for the net and breaking records

Mabkhout .. 13 years of love for the net and breaking records

Prepared by: Ali Najm
Ali Mabkhout made history, and became the historical top scorer in the Emirates Football League after he scored a goal against Al Dhafra in the postponed match of the 14th stage of the ADNOC Professional League. Mabkhout surpassed the brown scorer Fahd Khamis, and is above the top scorer of the competition, to make a new history, and to write a chapter of the endless creativity of a star who grew up and grew up within the walls of the “House of Pride” in Abu Dhabi.

Ali Mabkhout’s journey was not paved with flowers, and the path to success was not easy. The emergence of the “Emirates’ football pearl” came at a time when foreign players had the lion’s share of goals and occupied the attacking positions in the formations of our teams in local competitions.

Ali Mabkhout wrote his birth certificate at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium in 2009, when he made his first mark and wrote his name in the records of the players who put a mark in the net for the first time.

Fate decided that history would go back to write Mabkhout’s name again in 2022, and on the field and the competitor itself, to achieve an achievement that many dreamed of without any of them succeeding in removing Fahd Khamis, the legend of Al Wasl, from the top scorers in the league, when he scored 175 goals between 1980 and 1997, Before Mabkhout came to write the new chapter in the history of Emirates football.

What increases the value of Ali Mabkhout’s achievement is that he achieved over a period of 13 years, while “Al-Fahd” Khamis recorded his number in 17 years.

Ali Mabkhout was born on October 5, 1990 in Abu Dhabi. He started his career with Al Jazeera and Shebl. He played his first match with the “Pride of Abu Dhabi” in the league on April 17, 2009 against Sharjah, then scored his first goal against Al Dhafra on the 26th of it. Al Dhafra.

Since that time, Mabkhout has not left a number without breaking it. The Emirati is the top scorer in the national team after breaking Adnan Al-Talabani’s number. In the 2020-2021 season, he won the top scorer title with 25 goals, and the award for the best citizen player, and became the first Emirati player to be crowned top scorer. Twice in the era of professionalism.

Mabkhout scored a hat-trick on 14 occasions in the league, including 3 times last season, and he is the only player in the history of the league to score 33 goals in one season, and the first striker to score 25 goals and make 10 goals in one season.

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Mabkhout’s international career was with the Olympic team and then the first “white”, and he wrote a success story that the world talked about. In the 2015 Asian Cup, he scored the fastest goal in the history of the competition, 14 seconds after the start of the UAE-Bahrain match, to enter the Guinness Book of Records, and also won the The same tournament with the Golden Boot for Asia’s top scorer with 5 goals, and then won the title of top scorer in the Arab Gulf Cup for national teams in 2019 with 5 goals.

One of the remarkable numbers that Ali Mabkhout is also unique to is that he has become the owner of the longest professional contract with his team after Al Jazeera renewed his contract on August 4 until 2026.

The star’s numbers are not limited to goals only, but he has a lot in his football career that can be written or shown in an era in which he knew all kinds of brilliance, although he is still touching the path to reach the world with the UAE national team.

Ali Mabkhout visited the “all teams” nets. No one escaped from the player’s dangerousness and his deadly touch, ramming the opponents’ goal, and torturing the goalkeepers, whose “calm” Mabkhout was always a nightmare that visits them in their dreams.

Diversity of goals

The goals of the star Al-Jazraoui varied, and the sides and identities of the competitors changed, but a review of the numbers reveals that Mabkhout was always present in the competitors’ box to net them.

In a detailed review, Ali Mabkhout’s goals came as follows: 139 goals with the right foot, 21 goals with the left foot, 15 goals with headers, and he scored a goal with the back once.

creativity season

Ali Mabkhout had scored a permanent scoring presence in our league since his mark at Al Dhafra Stadium in 2009, but the best number remains for the 2016 season when he scored 33 goals to lead his team to win the competition’s shield.

Mabkhout, who won the league title with the “Pride of the Capital” 3 times, scored 161 goals from inside the box, compared to 15 goals with shots from outside the box.

Mabkhout always attended at crucial times of matches, bringing the number of goals he scored in the second half to 100, compared to 76 in the first half.

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As for the great irony, Mabkhout was distinguished by scoring on his team’s land and outside his stadium, so that the outcome was equal by scoring 88 goals at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, and 88 goals also outside the stronghold of the capital’s pride.

Ali Mabkhout celebrates his historic goal

Goals in 13 seasons

2021-2022 season: 5 goals (11 matches).

2020-2021 season: 25 goals (26 games).

2019-2020 season: 13 goals (16 games).

2018-2019 season: 20 goals (19 games).

2017-2018 season: 13 goals (16 games).

2016-2017 season: 33 goals (25 games).

2015-2016 season: 23 goals (23 games).

2014-2015 season: 16 goals (24 games).

2013-2014 season: 7 goals (19 games).

2012-2013 season: 11 goals (24 games).

2011-2012 season: 3 goals (11 matches).

2010-2011 season: 2 goals (8 matches).

2009-2010 season: 3 goals (16 games).

2008-2009 season: 2 goals (4 matches).

league record

Played: 245 games Scored: 176 goals Minutes played: 18658 minutes Number of yellow cards: 48 Red cards: two times


Arabian Gulf League: 3 times.

President’s Cup: Twice.

Arabian Gulf Cup: once.

Top scorer in the 2016-2017 Gulf League: 33 goals, and the 2020-2021 season: 25 goals.

Special shoes for a lambkhot on the occasion of his historical number

The clubs that netted him

Emirates: 15 goals, Al Shabab: 15 goals, Al Dhafra: 15 goals, Ittihad Kalba: 14 goals, Baniyas: 14 goals, Al Nasr: 13 goals, Al Ain: 13 goals, Al Wasl: 12 goals, Shabab Al Ahly 12 goals, Al Wahda: 9 Goals, Hatta: 8 goals, Sharjah: 8 goals, Fujairah: 7 goals, Ajman: 7 goals, Dibba Al Fujairah: 6 goals, Al Shaab: 6 goals, Khor Fakkan: 2 goals, Al Arabiya: one goal, Dubai: one goal.

14 «hat-trick» lambkhot

Ali Mabkhout scored a hat-trick in his journey in our league 14 times. He was the first against Al Shabab in the 2014-2015 season. The last time he scored a hat-trick was against Fujairah. Here are Mabkhout’s triples:

2019-2020 season: Against Al Wasl (4-0) in the tenth round, Al Dhafra (5-1) in the 15th round, Ittihad Kalba (6-0) in the 16th round, and Fujairah (4-2) in round 21.

2018-2019 season: against Al-Ahly youth (5-4) in the first round, against the Emirates (6-0) in the 11th round.

2016-2017 season: Against Ittihad Kalba (3-0) in the fourth round, Baniyas (5-0) in the fifth round, and a super hat-trick against Al Shabab 7-3 (10th round), and against the Emirates (5-0) in Round 19, and in the Hatta goal (round 24).

2015-2016 season: Against Dibba Al Fujairah (5-1) in round 17, and against the Emirates (4-2) in round 25.

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2014-2015 season: Against Al Shabab (4-3) in the 12th round.

Abu Dhabi: Muhammad Mustafa

Al Jazira achieved 5 gains from its match with its host Al Dhafra, in the postponed match of the 14th round of the ADNOC Professional League, in which it achieved a deserved victory by 3-0.

The first and most important gain is the return of top scorer Ali Mabkhout to participate with the team in the league competition after a long hiatus since Round 11.

Al-Jazira also achieved the most important by collecting the three points, although the performance of the previous version champion did not live up to the ambitions, but he succeeded in achieving his goal.

The result played an important role to cover up the negatives that appeared on Al Jazira’s performance in the match, specifically at the level of the front line, which was not with its usual effectiveness, especially in light of the presence of the quartet Mabkhout, Diaby, Zayed Al Ameri and Joao Victor, especially in the first half, in which he failed to reach the Al Dhafra goal except through Friendly fire.

Al Jazira also succeeded in its triple victory over Al Dhafra to remain at the heart of the competition, as it reduced the gap with leaders Al Ain to 10 points and has a postponed match with Ittihad Kalba.

Al Jazira turned its negative participation page in the last edition of the Club World Cup, where the team received two losses against Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia and Monterrey of Mexico with great results and ended its participation in sixth place.

The fifth gain was the emergence of substitute goalkeeper Abdul Rahman Al Ameri, who played the match steadily in the absence of team captain Ali Khaseef injured, in addition to the brilliance of young defender Abdullah Idris, who continues to provide distinguished levels, and contributed to the match by making the third goal with a perfect cross to his colleague Omar Traore.

On the other hand, Al Dhafra continued to bleed points and lost the second match in a row in the second round, and conceded 4 goals against Sharjah and Al Jazeera, while he fasted from reaching the opponents’ net in the past two rounds despite the great administrative work and the attraction of 9 local and foreign players in the winter transfers.