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Machida is like MacGregor, he was an inspiration to me, as he says of the legend Procházka

Machida is like MacGregor, he was an inspiration to me, as he says of the legend Procházka

The career is currently below the top in the UFC, but has had little shortcomings and has linked his career to Bellator. Even today, he watches what happens in the semi-heavyweight competition, as he has a lot in common with many wrestlers.

For example, veteran UFC player Lyoto Machida, who will face Ryan Bader in the evening’s main match, is Procházka’s favorite and was a huge catalyst at the start. “In the past, he was one of the pioneers of the karate style in mixed martial arts. I really like it. It worked out for him, it’s nice that he pushed with his style. Nobody fought this way and it inspired me.” The Czech farmer also described a unique style of fighting.

“His style is like McGregor, who also has fun and draws a lot of people with his style. Machida also showed me the way you can apply everything when you work on the style,” Procházka explained the 42-year-old Brazilian player benefit for MMA.

Now the martial arts legend is waiting for a huge revenge. He has defeated Masheed Ryan Badr once before, in 2012. At that time, he dropped Sokka in the UFC-sponsored second round. But since then, the American had come a long way and went to the second match as the favorite.

Badr is also no stranger to Prochazek. It was he who lured the samurai to Bellator for an amazing heavyweight match. At that time, the American champion was both half-heavy and heavyweight at the same time, and the Czech victory took the title at the Japanese RIZIN. However, in the end, Procházka signed with the UFC in early 2019 and 2020, and there was no race.

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In addition, the next duel will be the first round of the World Grand Prix of the Pyramid, with the top eight competing for the title of champion and a million dollars during the year. Procházka considers Badr a favorite and added another name. This is the current champion who has suffered only two defeats in his career. And one with Jerry Prochazka.

“Maybe I would bet on my ex-competitor Vadim Nimkov or Badr. It seems to me that they are the ones who use willpower the most. They will pass through the solid pyramid. I’m not sure if Machida still has it,” Evaluate Procházka’s opportunities.

He himself is generally curious about the outcome of the duel and the upcoming tournament, and although Bellator is a competitor, he does not want to miss matches like this. “They succeeded in the pyramid. I must say, I look forward to it myself.” He said walking.

Like Jiří Procházka, you can watch the Bellator 256 evening party and Bader vs. Machida on Friday, April 9th ​​live from 23:55 on Nova Sport 2A Fuyu.