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ماكرون: ارتفاع أسعار الطاقة يؤثر على العالم بأسره ويجب تقديم حلول دائمة

Macron: High energy prices are affecting the world and sustainable solutions must be provided

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that rising energy prices are affecting the whole world, noting that France has provided support to French citizens: “We must provide lasting solutions to the ongoing climate change.”

Macron said in a tweet on his official Twitter account:Rising energy prices are affecting the entire world. We are not wasting time in subsidizing French women and men, we need to provide lasting solutions in line with the ongoing environmental change. This is the message I bring to the G20.

Emmanuel Macron

On the other hand, the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that US President Joe Biden had moved to repair his damaged personal and political relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron, acknowledging the announcement of a security and technical agreement for the sale of nuclear submarines to Australia. A “clumsy” episode with no taste..

The US president and his French envoy met at the French embassy in the Vatican in Rome on Friday, their first personal discussion since Macron declared that he had been shocked, betrayed and humiliated by the security pact in September ahead of the G20 summit this weekend..

As a result of the agreementOgos “ Australia has torn down a $ 66bn (£ 48bn) agreement signed between the United States, Australia and the UK to build six diesel-powered submarines in support of an agreement with the United States and Britain to buy eight nuclear-powered submarines. This is the first time the United States has offered to share nuclear technology with a non-UK third party.

Biden also sat down with Macron before the bilateral meeting and pointed out that he believed Australia had already told France that it would cancel the submarine deal..

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Biden said: “The answer is – what happened, I think, was not done on a large scale.“.

He added: “I had the impression that France had been told about this deal a long time ago [الفرنسية] Not in progress, “said his staff, who failed to inform Paris or mislead Australia’s White House statement..

There was no indication from the White House that Macron knew the deal had been canceled, as was the case with the French in their exchanges with the Australians a few days before the deal was terminated..