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Macron: I know the Australian Prime Minister lied about the submarine

Macron: I know the Australian Prime Minister lied about the submarine

A journalist asked French President Emmanuel Macron: “Do you think Scott Morrison lied to you?”, To which he replied: “I do not think so. I know it.” Will the G-20 meeting become a forum for discussion on the Franco-British-Australian dispute?

  • Macron during a press conference during the October 31, 2021 (AFP) G20 summit.

On Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had lied about secret talks between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom over a security deal that broke the deal to sell French submarines in Canberra. As part of a tripartite agreement between Washington, London and Canberra, in 2015 it decided to buy 12 French diesel-electric submarines worth $ 66 billion with France, instead of another US nuclear fuel. This infuriated Paris severely.

Australia, on the other hand, believes that Paris should have been aware of Canberra’s “serious and deep concerns” about French submarines before canceling the treaty.

On the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Rome, an Australian journalist asked Macron: “Do you think Scott Morrison lied to you?” The French president replied: “I do not think so. I know.”

“We have clarified this alliance in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, which has given France a major contract to sell advanced submarines to Australia,” the French president said: “We must look now. Future” … and “very firm” in support of joint ventures and initiatives. There are joint results. Climate, safety and innovation.

Commenting on the possibility of restoring confidence in Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Macron said: “We are talking. We will see what he does.”

He added, “I have a lot of respect for your country, a lot of respect and friendship for your people, but” when we have respect, it has to be on both sides, and the behavior has to be in line with these values. “

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On Thursday, Macron spoke with Morrison by phone, following the announcement of a new alliance between the United States, Britain and Australia following the crisis that erupted in mid-September, according to Elysee Palace.

Elysee confirmed what the French president had said: “The Australian Government should propose practical measures that redefine the foundations of our bilateral relationship and include the will of the Australian High Command to continue joint action in the Indo-Pacific region.”

For his part, US President Joe Biden pleaded guilty on Friday to admitting that the United States acted “in a strain” on the submarine affair.

At Villa Bonaparte, the headquarters of the French embassy in the Vatican, Biden made no attempt to win over Macron, who often shook hands and smiled broadly, emphasizing his “greatest affection” for France; “America’s oldest ally.”

Biden said the United States regretted announcing a security alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom, which surprised France, saying “what we did was not appropriate, it was not very appropriate.”

Macron threatens action against Britain, respecting fisheries rules and Brexit agreement

French President Emmanuel Macron has threatened to take action if Britain continues to “disrespect” the Brexit deal.

Macron said on Sunday that his country “does not want to increase, but if the UK does not continue to respect the Brexit deal, we will do our part.”

Macron also called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to respect international fishing rules, an adviser to the French president said. According to Reuters, the French official’s statements came to reporters after a special face-to-face meeting between the two leaders on the sidelines of the group’s twentieth summit in Rome.

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The British government today refused to make any agreement after French President Emmanuel Macron announced an agreement with the British side to work on “practical and operational measures” to resolve the dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

The fishing crisis between Paris and London is escalating, and the latter confirms that the dispute resolution mechanism with the EU could be included in the Brexit agreement for the first time.

France is upset that Britain and the Channel Islands, which include Jersey and Guernsey, have not licensed French boats to fish in their waters since Brexit. Britain’s secession from the EU is governed by what is known as the “Trade and Cooperation Agreement”, which London and Paris have accused of violating each other.

Britain, on the other hand, has stated that it wants to launch another product without having to worry about the Commission instituting various actions under antitrust law. ”

Paris was outraged by London’s refusal to issue a full number of fishing licenses in British waters to French fishermen, which France says is guaranteed, and threatened punitive action against Britain.