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Macron travels to 3 Gulf countries a week

Macron travels to 3 Gulf countries a week

French President Emmanuel Macron is due to visit the Gulf next month from March 3 to 4.

Macron’s trip will include Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Elysee Palace statement said.

Macron visited the United Arab Emirates and Qatar for the first time in November 2017, just months after being elected president.

Is one of France’s key partners in the United Arab Emirates region.

On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron criticized London’s “non-serious” actions in relation to the emigration file, and the British Prime Minister commented on his Twitter account, calling for the repatriation of immigrants from the French coast.

When asked by Macron about this news during a press conference in Rome, Macron said, “I am amazed at the methods when they are not serious.”

He added, “There is no connection between one official and another official regarding such issues through Twitter and the release of news.”

The influx of immigrants into England has caused constant tension between Paris and London, as British officials feel that French efforts are not enough to deter migrants from its shores.

Paris has decided to cancel the participation of British Home Secretary Priti Patel in a scheduled meeting on Sunday over a toxic immigration file in relations between the two countries.

Following a letter from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to London, London called for the withdrawal of illegal immigrants to the United Kingdom.

In his letter to Priti Patel, Agency France-Press on Friday saw that French Interior Minister Gerald Thurmannan saw Johnson’s letter to the French president as “disappointing” and stressed that the decision to publish it was “even worse”.

Accordingly, he canceled Patel’s participation in a meeting convened by the Ministers in charge of Immigration Affairs in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and the European Commission.

It is noteworthy that French President Emmanuel Macron warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to use the immigration crisis politically after 27 people drowned while trying to reach England.

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