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مديحة حمدي

Madiha Hamdi on appearing with a wig in the soap operas: My children will refuse (video) | news

Actress Madiha Hamdi revealed her opinion on the use of wigs by some veiled actresses during acting.

And that was during her arrival as a guest on the “Al-Satat” program, presented by Moufida Shiha and Suhair Joudeh, and it is shown on the “Al-Nahar” channel.

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And about the possibility of her appearing with a wig in a work of art, she said: I do not think that my children will accept this matter, even if I thought or wanted to, my parents are everything in my life.

She added: The veil is a relationship between the Lord and His servant, such as prayer and fasting, and the person seeks a fatwa from his heart, and certainly the female colleague who appeared with the wig asked one of the sheikhs and took his opinion.

During the meeting, Madiha Hamdi revealed her willingness to return to acting on the condition that she be offered a suitable job, and she said: It is not only a religious work, even if it is social, in reality the role of the mother, aunt or veiled aunt exists.

Madiha Hamdi explained that during the month of Ramadan she will show a religious evening, noting that she is present all the time in these evenings, because dramas are still interested in the roles of the boy, the girl and love and do not give space for other roles.

Madiha Hamdi talked about her decision to stay away and said that after her late husband was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to be by his side, especially because she hid the news of his illness from him, and preferred to devote herself to his care.

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Madiha Hamdi has been absent from acting for years, and her last work was the series “Umm Al Sabreen”, produced in 2012, starring Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Tariq Al-Desouki, Ahmed Haroun, Mayar Al-Beblawi, Hanan Suleiman, Fayza Kamal and Jamal Ismail, and directed by Ahmed Ismail Al-Hariri.

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