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Magdy’s gift to her husband, Mohamed Mohsen: I am fortunate to have you always by my side

The artist participated Magdy’s gift Her audience showed some new photos of her with her husband, artist Mohamed Mohsen, during their attendance at the Entertainment Makers Joy awards ceremony, which was held last Saturday evening at Bakr Al-Shadi Theater in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Heba published the photos through her personal account on the Instagram site, during which she appeared with an elegant look, as she wore a dark green soiree dress, and she was accompanied by her husband, Muhammad Mohsen, in an elegant black suit, and commented on the photos saying: “I am fortunate to have you always by my side, from the beautiful day of the season.” Riyadh.

It is noteworthy that Heba Magdy accompanied her husband, Mohamed Mohsen, during his participation in the Riyadh season, at the “Eternal Arts” concert, with the participation of the stars of the Egyptian Opera House, Iman Abdel-Ghani and Mai Farouk.

Muhammad Mohsen and Heba Magdy published two photos from inside the Great Mosque of Mecca through their accounts on the Instagram site, and put a unified comment saying: Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and Heba Magdy received several requests from stars and stars of art to pray for them from the front of the Kaaba.

Mohsen sang a variety of immortal, lyrical songs, including, “Kul Da Kan Leh,” “Madnak Jaffah His Resting Place” by the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, and “Don’t Miss Me, I Am Alone” by Sayed Makkawi, “Is this what happened” Sayed Darwish, as he sang “in My Heart is a Place,” a song written by Nour Abdullah, composed by Muhammad Al-Nadi, and sung by Muhammad Mohsen.

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And Muhammad Mohsen expressed his admiration for the theater that bears the name of the Almighty Abu Bakr Salem, directing special thanks to the organizing company, and stressed during the press conference that this concert is the most beautiful concert he has performed, praising the audience of Riyadh and their high artistic taste.

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