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Magpie for actor, Pilsen and youth: No competition.  What will happen to Golas?  |

Magpie for actor, Pilsen and youth: No competition. What will happen to Golas? |

Photo: Jan Bennis, Czech hockey player

A few days ago, it had been exactly eight years since he grabbed his first additional league title in history with his shot in an extension to his seventh final duel with Zlin. After the end of his remarkable football career, Martin Stracha continues to sponsor FC Pilsen as CEO and General Manager.

A fan of the national team

Pilsen is a good title abroad, not afraid to give young players a chance. According to Martin Stracha, what is the biggest problem young people face with youth hockey? What does the current situation look like about Milan Goulash and his announced departure? And how is the national team being prepared, where Stracha is the assistant coach of Philip Paishan for the World Championship?

Martin, after a double match with Austria came the first cuts. We know the names of the players who will join the Pilsen squad. What is the next outlook?
The boys spoke to the players, most of them Peter Nedved and Philip Bishan. They call the players and agree either on the date they should arrive or on vacation. They are in contact with the players in Finland or Switzerland, where competitions are still going on, and of course with the boys in the NHL. Pé Pa Nedvěd is mainly responsible for this, and boys all over Europe are treated mainly by Filip.

You probably won’t reveal specific names, but what is your response from the players?
The boys have so much promise that once the players withdraw from Finland, or

Jan Kovac

Forward, 31 years old

href = “> Metals in Switzerland will join the team right away. They want to go. Then it will depend mainly on the NHL players, on their number. The last minute The nomination can change a lot, and the final of the additional league is over, we want to add to the players who participated in it, at the moment it is difficult to determine the form of the nomination in the end.

In the past, there were a lot of criticisms that players weren’t interested in playing. But that has changed a lot recently, hasn’t it?
Yes, this is very positive. Boys want to go when they can. Of course, things like someone haven’t stayed home for long. Now, even due to Coronavirus, nobody had access to the family all season, someone had a child and so on. But mostly boys want to go despite this tough time.

Plus, in the past, the World Cup used to start in early May, and now it’s time. Then the new season begins slowly. The point is that the boys are interested. They want to go, and it must be so. The nation and especially the World Championship should be the most for them. It was like this for us and I think it will be back now. Young people are proud to be in the national team and can go to the tournament.

After a good chunk of training, you finally have your first matches with Austria behind you …
Training is one thing, but the biggest fun are games. These are the reasons why you should practice hockey. As a former hockey player, I remember when I left with Pilsen, I was waiting for the World Championship and we only had to train for a month.

The matches revolve around something else. They will show you how are you. Some fighters may have been here for two and a half months before the start of the World Cup. Before the tournament we have a total of nine matches, and there will not be much training, more tactics will come. Weaknesses and weaknesses will be addressed. Boys get into the pace of wrestling and start doing what they enjoy the most.

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Photo: Jan Bennis, Czech hockey player

The implementation team is successfully expanding into Team A. How do you realize that?
I’m excited about it, it’s really a professional job. We are used to something in Pilsen, Jarda Špaček and I have been in the NHL and know how it works there. Of course, it’s been a long time and hockey has moved somewhere, but for Philip Besan, I have to say he’s really cool.

He travels around the world, has been in various training courses, from Liberec, while he was still working there, he built a first-class club abroad. We have well-crafted materials. Excellent video technicians work with us here, Honza Morkes helps us with the stats, and I think they never lie. It helps us a lot

Everything comes from Petr Nedvd. He is a fighter who has done a lot and at the same time is calm. The atmosphere between us is great. We caught each other’s attention, and that’s important. The implementation team must cooperate. It’s a fun job, you look forward to it every day. But with that fun, I don’t mean any alcoholic parties. The point is, work fills us, but we can laugh or make fun of ourselves.

“There must be a competition between the youth and the young people and we missed them. It is getting better now, but the change will not take effect immediately.”

Let’s turn to Czech youth hockey for a moment, where do you see its biggest problem? Your colleague Jaroslaw Obsek mentioned that he lacks parental confidence in coaches the most …
That’s one thing, but I think the biggest problem is the little competition. It will change now, but it will not come right away. It will take some time. In youth, it is essential that children play mainly, so that they can enjoy it and we have as many of them as possible. So as not to advise them, until they go hockey with enthusiasm. Everything should take the form of the elements of the game. But now I’m talking about the little ones.

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Once we jump into Nine, Puppy, and Junior, there has to be a competition. And we missed it. There were tons of teams, but now it’s starting to get a lot better. Five or six bunkers will fall out. Suddenly there will be fewer teams with better players, and suddenly there will be a competition that we miss very much.

Now I think it will finally be true, but the change won’t take effect right away. Players will play for everything, and there will be more quality matches. I look forward to it, because there will be something to play for.


The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed hockey guys. Aren’t you afraid that some kids will completely lose their interest in sports?
This is complicated, but we are all the same. Hope it ends soon, the boys go to the ice on time and the season starts naturally. Of course I don’t think the extra league will start in the classic stadiums with spectators. But it should not affect the young. Teams must prepare for the start of competitions.

In Pilsen, we went on the ice for as long as possible. We tried to give the boys as much ice as possible to train their lessons. Then another break happened, but I hope this is over soon and there will be enough time for young people to prepare well for the season either on the ice or in the gym, so that the competitions are really good.

Let’s go to Pilsen, where she successfully integrates puppies and other young players into the Extra League team …
We’re not a richer club to put up with expensive reinforcements, although that wouldn’t be possible without them. We had it here

Milan Goulash

Forward, 35 years old

href = “> Milan Gulaci, who won many games for us.