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​Mahlagha Jaberi lifts her clothes and exposes her entire legs in a sneaky way in the streets of Dubai... and everyone is shocked!!

​Mahlagha Jaberi lifts her clothes and exposes her entire legs in a sneaky way in the streets of Dubai… and everyone is shocked!!

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Through her official account on Instagram, Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi shared new photos of her, showing her a bold and revealing look while enjoying her trip to the Museum of the Future in Dubai, and commented: We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a long legacy after our departure. .. Museum of the Future, God willing, what an incredible experience, thanking everyone who helped her visit this tourist attraction.

In the photos, Mahlagha wore a long white dress with a hole that reached the top of the leg, showing off her charms as she sat on the steps of the Museum Square in Dubai.

She also published other pictures from the hotel where she was staying in Dubai, in the same white dress, but this time she was standing on the hotel balcony, and in another way she was eating fine dining.

Mahlagha was subjected to sharp criticism by some observers, who considered that her look was bold and indecent, especially since she is located in a conservative Gulf country, while others considered that the image is very ordinary and the dress is somewhat modest, unlike the looks that she usually publishes.

In conjunction with her 33rd birthday, the Iranian model published a set of photos via Instagram, wearing a long and narrow dress in silver, with long sleeves, and shared with followers some personal information related to her nature and private life, noting that she is very bold, curious and creative constantly, energetic and physically active Mentally and intellectually, she is an introvert, although she enjoys going out. She also confirmed that she is a loyal partner and a loyal friend, and is honest in her dealings.

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Mahlaga Jaberi had recently sparked controversy in some of the pictures she published while she was wearing a bikini, putting the hijab on her face, as a large number of followers considered that she offends the hijab and its sanctity, noting that she could not use it completely.