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Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni: I don't care about the championship, and I don't repeat myself

Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni: I don’t care about the championship, and I don’t repeat myself

Dialogue: Fatima Ali

The Egyptian artist Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni confirmed that his departure from the theater came due to his preoccupation with a number of cinematic works, and that he is waiting for his return to the theater soon, especially since his beginning was from the experimental theater years ago. He wished to participate in a national work, and that his approval of the series “The Returnees” came without reading the script.

* She returns to the cinema strongly, so what is the secret behind that?

– It is not intended, because it did not come at the same time. I finished filming my role in the movie “Shams,” which is based on a novel called “The Sun of Imbaba,” as well as the movie “The Swarm,” which I finished a year ago, and it is a national epic and I participate in it as a guest of honor. But my last participation came through the movie “The Green Door”, which is a wonderful opportunity, because it is one of the works of the late writer Osama Anwar Okasha, and it is one of the works that will leave a great imprint on the viewer.

* You tend to participate in dramas more than cinema, is this intentional?

– Any artist who does not intend to classify himself as a film or television actor, and I am always looking for something new, and I do not like to repeat myself, regardless of the contrast. From a cinematic work, all of them have different roles, even the space of my role may be small sometimes in one work, and large in another work, but it is different. I do not care about the space of the role as much as I care about its value and the extent of its difference.

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* Is the series “Returnees” considered an integral part of the events of the series “Rebound Attack”?

– “The Returnees” has nothing to do with the series “Counter-attack”, what unites them is that they were taken from real events from the files of the Egyptian intelligence, and I accepted to participate in “The Returnees” without thinking or discussion because I love this type of work.

“Returnees” and “Faces”

* Why did you not stop with the series “Al-Ayyoon” and participated in the “Faces” series, which was shown in the same season?

– After I agreed to participate in “The Returnees,” I was offered to participate in the series “Faces” with the artist Hanan Mutawa, and I found that the role was very beautiful.

* More than 9 years ago, I presented an absolute championship in the cinema. Was it a calculated step or a coincidence that was not repeated?

– Before I performed an absolute starring role, I participated in more than one movie, including the movie “Abboud on the Borders” and the movie “Saye Bahr”, and before I got the championship, I was training and working on myself well, but now, after this amount of work and experience, I don’t care about the idea of ​​absolute championship As I was before, but any role I feel will be an addition I agree to, regardless of its size.