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محروسة لتليفزيون اليوم السابع: مش مصدقة إن الرئيس كلمنى وبشكركم وصلتوا صوتى

Mahrousa for Youm7 TV: I can’t believe that the president spoke to me, and thank you, you reached my voice

Mahrousa Salem, the trocycle woman, said that she was very happy after President Sisi responded to her demands, following up: “Until now, I can’t believe that the president spoke to me, and my children bounced around around me with joy and thanks to you because you were one of the first people who registered with me and reached my voice.”

And she added, in a telephone interview on the Seventh Day TV, I worked on every need, and he followed and every need, thank God for spending on the house, and I needed President El-Sisi’s call so that I feel that I am still living.

Mahrousa Salem was a guest on the Mahsoub Fund program presented by colleague Mohamed Mahsoub on Al-Youm Al-Sabaa TV, and told her problems and suffering with illness and her husband’s illness.

She spoke during her dialogue, noting that her name is Mahrousa Salem, a person with disabilities, and her husband was suffering from many health problems, and suffered from a coma, and from here she was forced to work.“.

And she continued, “During one of the events, I prepared food for the guests, and after that, I was surprised by people asking me to eat a delivery.”“.

She indicated that she is the one who spends on the family, and works as a mother, father and wife, and continued: “My husband has become my eldest son, and his love for me is sufficient.. May God bring him back to full health. On visiting the House of God.

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