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Mai Al-Aidan comments on the cancellation of her innocence in the Ahmed Badir case against her and attacks him again

Mai Al-Aidan comments on the cancellation of her innocence in the Ahmed Badir case against her and attacks him again © Layalina Mai Al-Aidan comments on the cancellation of her innocence in the Ahmed Badir case against her and attacks him again

Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan commented on the new ruling issued against her by the Court of Appeal to cancel her innocence in the defamation case brought against her by the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir, and fined her five hundred Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to 1,653 US dollars.

Mai Al-Aidan comments on her crisis with Ahmed Badir

May Al-Aidan said during her program an account statement that the value of the fine will be paid to the Kuwaiti state and not to the artist Ahmed Badir, and that the ruling ruled that the civil lawsuit was not permissible.

She confirmed that the new ruling was circulated in a wrong and incomplete manner by the artist Ahmed Badir and his daughter Sarah Badir, as she confirmed that the fine will be paid to the Kuwaiti state, with the civil lawsuit not permissible, meaning that the case of insult and slander does not deserve compensation.

She attacked Ahmed Badir, saying: “No one understands you wrong information. Habibi. You have these millions in Egypt. You pay millions. We are in Kuwait, the last of which is from 1000 to 5000. These are the provisions of the state.”

And she continued: “If the judge thought that you deserve the judgment, he would have given you the civil lawsuit. You, the judge, did not deserve compensation. Otherwise, he would have given you the civil lawsuit, a million pounds, eh, where are these numbers? They tell you who laughs last laughs a lot. And when it came down, the full verdict came down, and when you file the civil lawsuit, it will be rejected, and I am too tall.”

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The crisis of Mai Al-Aidan and Ahmed Badir

May Al-Aidan’s crisis began with the Egyptian actor Ahmed Badir, who she described as “Alaqraa”.

At that time, the artist, Ahmed Badir, decided to sue the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, because of her mockery and bullying of him through her account on the social networking sites “Instagram”.

His lawyer stated that the artist Ahmed Badir had begun to take all legal measures against the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, because of the bullying, insults and verbal abuse he was subjected to through her official account on social networking sites.

That word angered the famous artist, to which his daughter Sarah replied via Instagram: “Ok, I woke up today. I found all of Egypt with me about the post of Professor Mai Al-Aidan. I hear about you, of course, and I know that you are a feisty person who loves bullying, especially bullying against artists, but I want to be clearer.” How many things do you need like this: First, I am my father, a great star of the Arab world, and no one will allow you to speak to him half a word… I think you saw this enough in the attack of the entire Arab world against you, which I myself was surprised by and thanks to all the people who responded to our absence.

And she continued, “Secondly, if artists for you, their lives are permissible. I am not an artist, because you put me with them in a useful sentence, with all due respect to all artists, of course. My father, who you attended, taught me to refuse bullying in all its forms.

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Last July, the Kuwaiti judiciary acquitted Al-Aidan, but Badir appealed the ruling.

Mai Al-Aidan from art to criticism:

Mai Al-Aidan began her artistic career in 1993 after she played a small role in the series “Suleiman Al-Tayeb” with Hayat Al-Fahd and Souad Abdullah, after which she continued her work and participated in plays such as “Al-Hadaf Jassoum” and “Sarah and Saud”, and among her series “Al-Silsilah”. And “The Punishment”, “The Incident” and “Nawal”, which is the last of her works that she presented in 1997, when she decided to stay away from acting based on her mother’s desire, and then decided to turn to criticism, and she completed her studies at the College of Media at Kuwait University, Department of Journalism, and took courses In writing the script with the scriptwriter Bashir Al Deek in Dubai.

She went on to work as a broadcaster and presented several programs, including “Sorry for the Inconvenience,” which she presented in 2011, and continued until 2015 and achieved great fame and became known through it, and the “Criter” program and “Account Statement” in both seasons and presented its programs through the Scope channel, which is owned by the media. Happy Dawn.


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