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Mai Omar announces that she has a sudden illness while spending her summer vacation on the North Coast

The Egyptian artist, Mai Omar, announced that she had been ill during the past few days, while spending her summer vacation on the North Coast, noting that she had a sudden illness and received the necessary care in a clinic, but she is still recovering from this disease.

Omar shared, on her official page on the “Instagram” website, a picture of her in front of the clinic where she received treatment, during which she appeared on her feet in a seemingly reassuring health condition.

She confirmed that she had a sudden illness 14 days ago, while she was on the North Coast, without revealing the nature of this disease. She commented on the photo she posted: “Two weeks ago, I suffered from a sudden illness that required more medical examinations on my body.”

She added that her friends and those close to her asked her to return to the capital, Cairo, for treatment there; to check on her health; Because of the seriousness of the ill health that hit her.

May 2

Mai Omar confirmed that after leaving the clinic, a number of qualified doctors visited her at her home, and they gave her the necessary medical consultations and were assured of her health, and some medical examinations were conducted for her at home.

Omar reassured her audience about her health, thanking the doctors and the clinic for helping her to resist the sudden illness that afflicted her. He continued: “Thank you for your quick support. You are certainly the best clinics and medical services in the coast. Thank God, I am much better now and I am recovering.”

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