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Majed Al Mohandes ignites YouTube with the mini album "Msting You"

Majed Al Mohandes ignites YouTube with the mini album “Msting You”

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dot bay Monitor the details of Majid Al Mohandes’ new album

Majid Al Mohandes’ new album

Majid Al Mohandes’ album contains 4 songs, “Mashtaqlak”, “Manba`d wa Naqsi”, “If Sall”, “Ya Hala wa Ya Marhaba”, and these songs achieved high viewership rates as soon as they were released on the international video site.

Ya Hala Ya Marhaba song

The song “Yahla wa Ya Marhaba” achieved high viewership rates and reached 652,000 views, and the song was written by Rami Al-Aboudi, composed by Maitham Aladdin, and distributed, mixed, and mastered by Hossam Kamel.

I miss you song

While the video clip of the song “Mushtaqlak” achieved great success, the viewership reached 2 million real views on YouTube, and the song was written by Counselor Turki Al Sheikh, composed by Nawaf Abdullah, and distributed by Ahmed Saleh, Mix and Master Jassem Muhammad.

Song Manbaf wa Naqsi

While the song “Manbad and Naqsi” achieved 659 thousand views on “YouTube”, and it was written by Mounir Bouassaf, composed and distributed by Bilal Al-Zein, mix and master Muhammad Al-Maqhour.

Song If Ask

The song “Le Saal” achieved great success and reached one million real views, and the song was written by Prince Saud bin Abdullah, composed by Muhammad Boudla, and distributed by Hossam Kamel, Mix and Master Jassem Muhammad.

This mini-album is considered the return of the Prince of Arab singing to the musical scene, with an album that combines feelings of love and warmth. A large number of fans and fans of Majid Al Mohandes also interacted with this new album, and ignited various social networking sites with his songs. The Syrian singer Asala Nasri also interacted with this album and danced and sang about it in front of the Eiffel Tower, and she sang “Mashtaqlak”, and interacted with this video, Counselor Turk Al Sheikh and singer Majed Al Mohandes.

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Majid Al Mohandes’ most famous albums

Singer Majed Al Mohandes is one of the most famous Gulf singers, who has his own solo voice. His albums have achieved great public success, most notably “Album Mo Behebak Bs”, “Daqat Al Qalbi” album, “Anna Weyak album”, “I remember me album” and “Wahesh Al-Dunya” album and “Wahsh Al-Dunya” album.

It is reported that Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, through his official account on the global Twitter site, congratulated the singer Majid Al-Mohandes and commented: “The taste of working with my beloved Majid is always different, and the creator, Rafiq Al-Darb Nawaf Abdullah Majed, sees in you a greater and greater future, and I wish you would make a musical movie one day.” And a musical, why not? And see what we can offer while we are ready.”

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