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Koronavirus a sport

Major decisions. Seaman will never leave for the United States, she has found love and wonderful conditions at home


Seaman was scheduled to leave for the group of seasoned trainer Arthur Albier last year after the Tokyo Olympics. However, the postponement of the Games changed her plan as well, and the following year of collaboration with Skapova brought a major shift in performance with a gold rush in Budapest.

“Several aspects contributed to the decision, including the medal of course. I think Beta and I are doing very well so far and there is no problem preparing.” The 21-year-old said in an interview with reporters on Wednesday, “Everything is going as it should, and the medal Clearly showed our transformation. “

Golden swimmer Barbora Seaman cried to the coach. He wants to be the best in the Olympics


The fundamental change was a change in the conditions in which Seaman is preparing in the Czech Republic. “It’s unbelievable how the Parra has gone up in the last two years. Not only financially, but also in the background. I think they at least ditched the US. Plus, it works differently there, everything is subordinate to the team. Here, We are working more on the success of the individual, ”said Skapova, coach, who 100% supported her guardian’s original plan. I went to university abroad as a racing swimmer.

The Incredible Seaman! Her eyes flew shut for gold

“I used to recommend it, it would be the best for her. But now I see better conditions here. Americans have their rules, they can’t be professionals, they have sponsors and even swim in the prestigious ISL League. The next thing is personal life. She’s satisfied, she has that, she’s with A friend, radiating great relief: “If it broke, it would be red,” says Skapova.

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Feared the doctor’s diet

The change in terms of training began in the last two years by the new management of Strahov VSC. A whole team of other experts is interested in Sieman, led by Skapova. Dry training is handled by fitness coach Marcel Rosetwil, and the pains are managed by the physical therapy team at Milan Martinic. Once a week, the Czech contestant goes to boxing training with Petr Kotík and also spends time on a special Air Bike exercise bike. In addition to the 25-meter pool in Strahov, Seemanová can also use a 50-meter pool path in Šutka twice a week.

Seaman learned to defeat myths and was looking hard to bed

“With dietitian, Dr. Libor Vitek, we also analyzed the fact that Para is very thin and has issues with cracked muscles. Alone and she is satisfied, although there is no shortage of candy on the road of course,” Skapova said with a smile.

The American coach mourned

It was difficult for Seaman to announce his decision to train Albert. The last European champion said: “We were in almost constant contact. Of course he was not enthusiastic.” “He was counting on me. I was supposed to be a valued member of the team, attracted, because I’m going to be the best girls now. I’m sorry, Arthur got close to my heart because he’s always gone out of his way.” Think of the most successful Czech swimmer today.

In addition to her racing career, Seaman is also considering more personal development. “If I don’t go to America to go to college, I would like to go back to studying here. I want to improve, I won’t spend forever swimming. I enjoy psychology, and I would like to go this way,” she revealed.

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