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Make homemade machos.  Much better and healthier than the ones in the store

Make homemade machos. Much better and healthier than the ones in the store

There are certainly chefs (and chefs) among us who wouldn’t season their dishes with mazox. But the rest of us often came up with it not only because of lack of time, but perhaps also because we didn’t know how to add the right final flavor to the dishes we were preparing.

But when we look at a cube of mazox, it becomes clear that our digestion is not entirely happy with this combination. Lots of salt, flavours, flavor enhancers and minimal meat extract. Thanks primarily to glutamate, better known as E621, our beef stew or sauce tastes like beef, even though a Massachusetts cube doesn’t even contain one percent of it.

Dangerous glutamate

Also called the silent killer, almost all processed foods contain it.

But we not only care that our food is delicious, but we also care that it is healthy and as easy to digest as possible. So we don’t have difficulty in a few hours after eating it.

It is not difficult to make strong and healthy Masox at home

What you will need:

  1. 1 kg of beef (rib, tail, turkey bones)
  2. 3 parsley
  3. 3 islands
  4. half celery
  5. 1 leek
  6. 2 potatoes
  7. garlic head
  8. 10 spice balls
  9. 10 peppers
  10. 5 bay leaves
  11. Handful of herbs (marjoram, parsley, chives)
  12. 3 liters of water

You can make Masox from these ingredients in two ways:

1 – Action:

  • Cover the meat, clean and chopped vegetables, spices and herbs with water and a pinch of salt, bring to a boil, then gradually remove the sedimented foam.
  • Leave the bubbles gently for four hours.
  • Then reduce the broth to about 600-700 ml.
  • Drain and after cooling pour into larger ice cubes and freeze.
  • If necessary, remove the frozen broth and use it like a classic mazoux from the store.
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Photo: shutterstock

2. Procedure

  • Clean meat, vegetables and herbs are prepared in the same way as in the first case.
  • After four hours of slow cooking, remove the peppers, spices, and bay leaf and mix everything else.
  • Reduce any excess liquid by boiling and then spread the thicker cream onto a tray about 1 cm high on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
  • Allow the mixture to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Then cut the dried mazox into cubes, freeze again and you’re done.

And some final tips:

  • You can prepare mazox from chicken in the same way. Use about 3 kg of chicken carcasses for the indicated amount.
  • You can make vegetable machos using any solid vegetable leftovers.
  • You can easily prepare Masox at home too slow cookerwhich has gained popularity recently. Set the temperature to 95°C and cook for 3-10 hours depending on the type of meat used. Thanks to the lower temperature, your Masox will retain its distinctive flavor and all the vitamins.

Photo: shutterstock