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Makhion reveals the scenes of the role of the "Brotherhood Guide" in "The Choice 3"

Makhion reveals the scenes of the role of the “Brotherhood Guide” in “The Choice 3”

and embodies Abdelaziz Makhyoun The personality of the Brotherhood’s guide in Egypt, Mohammad Badee’aA large number of tweeters expressed their admiration for his mastery of the character’s details as soon as the promotional advertisement for the series was broadcast, while some noted that Makhion is better than the body of Brotherhood and religious groups’ personalities on the screen..

Makhion said in statements to “Sky News Arabia”: “As an actor, I must be able to embody any dramatic character, whether that character is realistic from real stories or from the author’s imagination.”

He continued, “As for the character of Brotherhood GuideI did not do more than what is written in the series’ paper.” Regarding his mastery of the character, and the great similarity between him and Badi’s character, he made it clear that he cooperated with the “make-up expert” a great deal, especially since Badi’s photos and videos are available in abundance, and therefore he was able to From studying it well, and then “strive to present the character in the form and details known about it to people.”

And about the extent of his concern about being confined to embodying the roles of the personalities of extremist groups, especially Brotherhood organizationHe said, “I am not at all worried about that, because I am an actor and this is my job and I have to do it perfectly.”

When asked if he was afraid of the controversy surrounding the personality of the Brotherhood’s guide, especially since he is a character that people still live with in their reality, Makhion said: “I am not worried about that, because I embodied a dramatic work in which I presented what was written on paper by the author of the series, as well as the details already available about that character.”

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The Egyptian artist stressed that he “expects people to follow the other characters that he embodies in Ramadan,” and not only the Brotherhood’s guide figure in “the choice“.

He continued, “I embody the father’s character in the series (Tawbah), the Sufi Sheikh’s character in the series (Ghamm Island), and the character of a Upper Egyptian foreman in the series (Deviation).

It is noteworthy that Makhyoun had previously embodied the character of Hassan Al-Hudaybi, the second guide of the Brotherhood, in the second part of the series “The Group” in 2017.