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“Makkah Municipality”: 32 days, the last deadline for fencing the vacant lands - Saudi News

“Makkah Municipality”: 32 days, the last deadline for fencing the vacant lands – Saudi News

The Municipality of the Holy Capital renewed the warning of the date of the start of the obligation to fencing open lands on the main axes and streets in its first phase.

The secretariat’s spokesman, Osama Al-Zaytouni, explained that the end of the deadline to commit to fencing starts from 7/1 2022, calling on property owners in the targeted sites to quickly fence their lands during the remaining period to avoid the application of legal sanctions. Al-Zaytouni indicated that the targeted axes and streets will include Ibrahim Al-Juffali Road in Al-Awali District from Al-Awali Bridge to the Fourth Ring Bridge, Prince Muhammad bin Salman Road from Al-Zaydi Bridge to the Great Mosque of Mecca, Al-Hajj Street from the intersection of Madinah Road to the intersection of King Faisal Road, and King Faisal Road from the stadium Al-Riyadi to the intersection of Hajj Road, Omar Qazi Street in Al-Shari’a from King Faisal Road in the north to the intersection of Al-Qadisiyah Road in the south, Al-Laith Road from the fourth ring road intersection to the vegetable loop in Kaakiya, Al-Madina Road from Al-Otaiba neighborhood to Al-Falah neighborhood, and Abdul Qadir Koshak Street from the intersection of the Fourth Ring Road to The intersection of Ibrahim Al-Khalil Road and the old Makkah-Jeddah Road from Umm Al-Joud District to Al-Diyafah District, in addition to Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Road from Al-Awali Bridge to the intersection of the Third Ring Road. Al-Zaytouni noted that the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing had previously launched its awareness campaign to implement the decision to fencing open lands, as the decision targets owners of vacant (commercial) lands located on the main axes with high traffic density in major cities. The campaign comes in two phases. The first includes the announcement of the targeted axes and the launch of the fencing guide on the first of next January. The second phase of monitoring and implementing the regulation, and monitoring the compliance of owners, will begin as of July 2022; With the aim of improving the urban landscape by unifying the appearance of the empty lands surrounding the buildings, reducing the accumulation of waste, protecting it from encroachments, and clarifying the ownership limits of the land. The secretariat had begun to follow up the installation of directional panels in a number of locations within its supervisory scope.

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