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Malaysia… The imam of a mosque washes a young man who stole the mosque’s money like the dead (photos + video)


Activists and media in Malaysia circulated a video clip that sparked widespread controversy, as the clip documented the process of washing a dead thief after his arrest after seizing Zakat funds.

And media in Malaysia said that the young man was sentenced to 10 days in prison and a fine of 4,000 Malaysian ringgit.

Judge Nik Muhammad Fadli Nik Azlan issued the verdict on 19-year-old Daniel Iskandar, after the accused pleaded guilty.

The court ordered that the prison sentence start from January 9, and if the accused fails to pay the fine, he may be imprisoned for five months.

According to the facts of the case, Daniel stole the mosque’s money and hid it in the funeral toilet, and when he was arrested, mosque officials washed him like the dead, and recorded the incident in a video as it was posted on social media.

Commenting on the incident, which led to a protest of many people on social media, the Director of Religious Affairs in Selangor, Zawawi Ahmed Maghen, said that any imam should not take matters into his own hands, and the imam should not punish anyone before investigations are conducted.

The Director of Religious Affairs in Selangor added that it is the duty of the imam to give advice and guidance and not to impose penalties.

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Source: Malaysian media