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Manchester City star on Barcelona's radar

Manchester City star on Barcelona’s radar

Barcelona – AFP
The Catalan newspaper “Sport” reported on Saturday that Barcelona is seeking the services of the international wing of Manchester City during the winter transfer period, early 2022[Leisure Heimsterling from Manchester City during the winter transfer period early 2022].[ليزيرحيمستيرلينغمنمانشسترسيتيخلالفترةالانتقالاتالشتويةأوائل2022[ليزيرحيمستيرلينغمنمانشسترسيتيخلالفترةالانتقالاتالشتويةأوائل2022
The newspaper pointed out that Barcelona wanted to include Sterling this summer, so that the director of football operations in the Spanish club, Matteo Alemani, traveled to Manchester and tried to settle the deal that included the loan or even the abandonment of the Spanish striker Antoine Griezmann, who returned to his former team Atletico Madrid, or his compatriot Othman Dembele. Or Sergio Roberto, the English Premier League champion.
“Sport” claimed that the two parties did not reach an agreement, but this would not deter Barcelona from trying again in the winter transfer period, despite the stifling financial crisis it is going through, which this summer led to the departure of Argentine star Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain.
The Catalan newspaper believed that the task of obtaining Sterling would not be easy, but Barcelona is a Yemeni with the help of the current City coach, coach and former player Pep Guardiola in order to make this deal possible and allow the English international to leave the “Etihad Stadium”, which he reached seven years ago.
What enhances the possibility of reaching an agreement, according to “Sport”, is that Sterling found himself marginalized at the beginning of the new season of the Premier League, with Jack Grealish joining from Aston Villa and the presence of Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne, Algerian Riyad Mahrez, Spaniard Ferran Torres, Brazilian Gabriel Jesus and Phil Foden.
Sterling did not play any full match in the first four stages of the Premier League, and played one starter once in the opening match that his team lost against Tottenham 0-1 and went out in the 70th minute, while he participated as a substitute in the other three matches won by Guardiola’s men.
He also played a substitute in the Champions League match in the middle of the week, which City won against its German guest, Leipzig 6-3, and entered in the 71st minute.

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