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Manchester United coach: Ronaldo's behavior during the friendly is "unacceptable"

Manchester United coach: Ronaldo’s behavior during the friendly is “unacceptable”

British reports confirmed that Ronaldo Who participated in the first half against Rayo Vallecano in a friendly match, he left the stadium and went home between the two halves, and did not wait for the rest of the team members after the match.

Ronaldo’s behavior comes after he had been absent from the team for 3 whole weeks, claiming “family problems”, before he announced his desire to leave the club, which was not achieved due to the reluctance of major European clubs to sign him.

boss slammed Manchester United The new, Ronaldo’s behavior to leave the field after being substituted between the two halves, describing it as “unacceptable” behavior.

“This behavior is unacceptable,” Ten Hag told Dutch newspaper Viaplay Sport. “I have told my players for a team that this behavior is not acceptable.”

“We are one team, so everyone has to stay until the end and leave together,” he added.

Ten Hag confirmed that other players did the same thing during previous matches, and left the match stadium heading to their homes, as he did Ronaldo.

The summer witnessed a “crisis” between Ronaldo and the club, which began when sources close to the player confirmed his explicit desire to move, and not complete the period of his contract with Manchester United, which failed to reach the Champions League.

Ronaldo has so far failed to achieve his demands, and move from Manchester United to a club participating in the European Champions League, after several clubs announced their unwillingness to sign with him, led by Bayern Munich.

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After negotiations with Bayern Munich, Chelsea and other top European clubs failed, Ronaldo was dealt a new “blow” by Atletico Madrid fans, who took to Twitter to announce their opposition to the idea of ​​transferring their former “enemy” and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo to the team.