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Mandela's granddaughter: What can Charles III learn from the strong relationship between his mother the Queen and my grandfather?  |  principle

Mandela’s granddaughter: What can Charles III learn from the strong relationship between his mother the Queen and my grandfather? | principle

Indelica Mandela, granddaughter of the late South African leader Nelson Mandela, said her grandfather found a true friend in the late Queen Elizabeth II who understood him and understood his worldview.

Mandela explained – in Her article According to the British newspaper, “The Guardian” – some of the super rich and those who have nothing to do with politics find the idea of ​​isolating themselves from the world and indulging in the pleasures of life.

But Queen Elizabeth II did not do this, with her moral capital and the legacy of the throne, she continued to serve with determination and determination, the anchor that sheltered Britain in the midst of stormy seas and difficult moments that she deserved. Appreciation as stated in the article.

Mandela said that if his grandfather, the late leader, had been alive, he would have invited Britain and the rest of the world to mourn the passing of “Elizabeth”.

Given the legacy of British colonialism in Africa and the rest of the world, he pointed out that some may find Africans’ sadness at the Queen’s departure strange, “but I saw something different in Queen Elizabeth II than the United Kingdom had before. I saw in her an opportunity to understand what was driving her.”

Human rights activist and journalist Intelika Mandela said King Charles III, who ascended the throne at a critical time for Britain and the world, should follow in his mother’s footsteps. He will be a moral leader at a time when the world faces many challenges, including the climate crisis, economic stagnation and the division of societies fueled by the growth of intolerance and racism.

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He said that King Charles could build on the legacy of his mother, the late Queen, by using the strength and credibility he possesses not only as head of the Church of England, but as a monarch who has spent many years there. Life-building bridges with religious leaders and communities around the world.

I decided that in this era of increasing distance between the world’s peoples and nations, the world desperately needs a leader like King Charles who is capable of building bridges between nations and peoples in creative ways.