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Many countries are critical of the human rights situation in the United States at the Human Rights Council

On March 17, the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the results of the US National Human Rights Review, which was criticized by representatives from Venezuela, Syria, Belarus and other countries.

Venezuela expressed serious concern about the human rights situation in the United States and strongly urged the United States to protect the right of citizens to health during epidemics, respect international law, and immediately repeal illegal and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and other sovereign nations. , And Stop State Terrorism Against Sovereign Countries.

Syria has declared that the United States has neglected its obligations under international law and is seeking excuses to launch a military offensive and threaten the unity and territorial integrity of other nations.

Belarus hopes that the National Human Rights Review will allow the United States to reconsider its problems in this area. When they ask other countries to respect human rights, they cannot be blind to their own problems in this matter.

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