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Koronavirus a sport

Many other countries, including the United States and Jamaica, have abandoned the global relays

A number of other countries abroad, including the United States, Jamaica, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago, have recently given up on participating in World Relays, which will take place over the weekend in Chorzów, Poland. The elite athletics relay meeting is one way to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, but national federations have preferred to protect athletes from infection with the Coronavirus. In addition, due to the ongoing epidemic, it will be difficult for them to travel to Europe, after which competitors will have to quarantine.

The Australians were the first to decide to skip the relay meeting in Poland. Canada checked last time. The reason is the continuing spread of the Corona virus in Poland and the risky travel due to the epidemic. “The safety of our athletes, coaches and our implementation team is our top priority,” said Simon Nathan, the Federation’s Sports Director, in a press release.

According to him, the number of infected people in Poland is still high and the Poles strongly recommend that people limit trips to a minimum. “Most members of the Canadian team are not vaccinated and the same goes for most of the people who will be moving around the race. So, there is an increased risk of meeting people from all over the world. We know that this is an unpleasant decision given the effect that can have in the Olympic qualifiers, but We are at the heart of the health and safety of our team. “

After returning from Poland, Canadian athletes will be quarantined and some will have problems returning to the United States for more training and competitions. Other overseas missions will be in a similar position. In addition, there is a kind of distrust of the Polish organizers, because after the European Indoor Championships in Toruń in March, dozens of athletes were infected with the Coronavirus.

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The top eight relays from the World Championships in Doha qualified for the Olympic Games. To do so, the countries would secure a place that would end up in the World Relays’ top eight and had no place yet. The remaining 16 participants in each major will be selected on the basis of performance. The absence of a number of powerful teams gives an opportunity to directly advance to others, including the Czech national team, which will use both the enemy relay, the men’s quarter-relay, and the mixed relay 4×400 meter relay.