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Map of Ramadan series 2022, the stars participating in Ramadan — Iraq News

Map of Ramadan series 2022, the stars participating in Ramadan — Iraq News

Map of Ramadan series 2022 Modern, around which the Egyptian people gather, and therefore searches a lot for Ramadan series map To find out the most important series that many Egyptian people follow, to major stars and artists, and here in this article are the most important details that have been announced so far for the Ramadan series for 2022.

Ramadan series 2022 map

Many stars have stated about some of their works that will be presented in the month of Ramadan, while there are works that have not yet been announced. Among the Ramadan series that have been announced so far are as follows:

  • Many of us followed the first and second parts of the series The Choice, which met with great success from the Egyptian people, as it was showing the most important events of our heroes, the army and police officer, who will complete this success in Ramadan 2022 in the third part with the stars Ahmed El Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, and Ahmed Ezz.
  • A series was also announced for the star Yousra, titled Happy Dreams, with the great artist Ghada Adel.
  • The second part of the counterattack series, which embodies the heroism of the great artist Amir Karara, after the first part achieved great success last year, starring Ahmed Ezz.
  • It is considered for the first time that Al-Big Ramy will join the world of acting, as he will participate in a Ramadan series entitled Super Heroes.

The most important stars participating in Ramadan

Thus, this year, there are stars who are the most prominent stars participating this year in the Ramadan series.

  • The star Mona Zaki in the series Lam Shamsia.
  • Actress Yasmine Sabry, but the work she is participating in has not yet been announced.
  • And the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and many of the stars who were referred to in previous works, and there are Ramadan works that have not yet been announced. Happy New Year.
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