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“We are very pleased to be able to provide our users with the best quality data available,” said Robert Druzda, Director of Services. Meanwhile, he added, the shooting will start in May, so that users can taste the first fruits of the collaboration this summer.

The list will not only use geographically focused spherical images of the general environment on the portal, But also in their service whose Surreality.

“We will display better quality panoramic images, for example, for object profiles registered in the catalog or panorama of surrounding areas for properties on the portal,” said Jan Kunz, Product Manager at Mapy .cz.

“Cyclomedia is proud to choose as a high-resolution imaging resource and accurate geospatial data provider for the Czech Republic for 3D ground imaging. We are looking forward to a long-term collaboration that provides users of various platforms with a high-quality presentation,” added Wesel van Hook, Cyclomedia Sales Director for Northern Europe and Emerging Markets.

Within the next month, people will be able to meet a fleet of Cyclomedia vehicles on our roads, which will be equipped with a camera system and other sensors. They will gradually cover the entire territory of the Czech Republic.

“This year we will actually get images and data for a third of the road network in our territory and more than twenty major cities,” Koons added, adding that the list will be used by the list to further improve navigation, including traffic information. .

A car from Cyclomedia