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Marcos, son of late Philippine dictator, wins presidential election

Marcos, son of late Philippine dictator, wins presidential election

Unofficial statistics of the Election Commission showed that Marcus (64 years) passed the 27.5 million votes required to secure a majority, paving the way for the return of the Marcos family to power, 36 years after its humiliating exit into exile after being ousted in an uprising.people’s power“.

“I hope you never get tired of trusting us,” Marcus told supporters in comments posted on Facebook. “We have a lot of things we’d like to do,” he added.

According to unofficial statistics from the Election Commission, Marcus Jr. received 29.9 million votes, nearly twice as much as Vice President Lenny. RobredoAfter counting 93.8 percent of eligible votes. The voter turnout was about 80 percent.

Official results are expected towards the end of the month.

Despite the decline of the Marcos family’s standing, it returned from exile in the 1990s and has since become an influential force in politics, retaining its influence with vast wealth and extensive connections.

Marcos Jr. has served as a county governor, a member of Congress, and a member of the SenateHis sister, Amy, is currently a senator, and his mother, Imelda, has served four terms in the House of Representatives.

Marcos offered no real political platform, campaigning on a simple but vague message of unity.

His presidency is expected to be a continuation of outgoing leader Rodrigo Duterte, whose tough style has been popular and helped him quickly consolidate power.

Unofficial statistics showed Sarah’s victory Duterte-Carpio, the president’s daughter, wins the vice presidency with more than three times the lead of her closest competitor.

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Marcos has been criticized for not participating in presidential debates, and has made little appearance in the media during the campaign.

The results demonstrate the colossal success of a complex social media operation by Marcos, which critics say sought to distort historical accounts of nepotism, looting and atrocities during his father’s authoritarian rule, nearly half of which was under martial law.

The Marcos family denies stealing billions of dollars of state wealth during their time at the head of what historians consider one of Asia’s most corrupt regimes.

Preliminary stats indicate that Marcos avenged his loss to Robredo In the 2016 vice presidential election, a defeat by just 200,000 votes, he unsuccessfully sought to change.

There are about 65 million Filipinos eligible to vote for a successor Duterte After six years in power, in addition to thousands of other positions, from legislators and district governors to mayors and councilors.