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Marek Valachek owes more than 1 million kroner -

Marek Valachek owes more than 1 million kroner –

Source: Courtesy of Prima TV

like home

Clouds are starting to move around influencer and YouTuber Marek Valachek. On the reality show Like House, he took care of a hot scandal, when he cheated on his girlfriend Nicole Martinkova with fitness Bára Střítesk as a man. The editorial team at has now found out from freely available sources that Marek alias Dathel has outstanding debts amounting to more than one million kroner.

Marek Valachek owes a million and a quarter

Influencer Marek Valachek Fifth reality show like home He acts as a confident and successful YouTuber who thrives on all fronts. Unfortunately, the reality is elsewhere.

The editorial office found out from publicly available sources that the woodpecker owes more than one million kroner.

Already during the first scandal, when he cheated as a specific man Girlfriend of Nicole Martinkova صديقة s Influencer and fitness Bára Stříteska, most of the audience realized that the woodpecker was a complete hobbyist who could not cope with his problems.

Apart from the fact that the woodpecker cannot arrange his personal life with the girls, he also does not tell him much about the payment of his obligations.

Currently, he is delighted with love with rival Bára, with whom he works on social networks as an absolutely perfect couple.

The question remains whether Bara knows his debt, yet loves him infinitely, or has no clue. But Datl’s dream of a powerful, mobile influencer is slowly but surely falling apart.

Perhaps it would be better if he had stopped inventing the mercy in which he preached something about 100% truth, and started paying off the debt.

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