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Maria Ritkova is 65 years old.  Do you remember the other legendary broadcasters?

Maria Ritkova is 65 years old. Do you remember the other legendary broadcasters?

They gave individual programs, in fact, in their time they did such live TV shows, as trailers and advertisements. Before the film they talked about the creators and noted, for example, that the film is called an asterisk, that is, parents should remove their children from the screens in time. In general, they accompany the audience during the day TV program. Do you remember these legendary announcers?

Mary Ritkova (65)


Today, Mary Ritkova celebrates her 65th birthday. congratulations

She joined Czechoslovak TV at that time in 1977 and stayed with him as a broadcaster until the end. The last time she accompanied the audience through the program was in 2006, when this position on the then Czech television was abolished. She has won the TýT Poll three times and continues to live by speaking. He works for the Czech Radio Dvojka, where he runs the night mini-forum.

Saskia Borisova (74)


Saskia Borisova may not grow up

The embodiment of nobility and elegance is Saskia Burešová, a five-time winner in the TýT poll.. A lady who seems to have stopped time. She began working in television in 1967, and has been a broadcaster since 1972. Her performance became legendary when, on the last day of 1992, she announced the partition of Czechoslovakia live. She ended her career as a broadcaster in 2000, when she did not like the new transformations. However, it is still visible on screens; Since 1993, he has had his own show, The Almanac.

Marta Skarlandova (73)


Marta Scarland made great use of her knowledge of foreign languages

She worked as a presenter on Czechoslovak and later Czech television from 1965 to 1994. In addition, she specialized in multilingual moderation, since she graduated as a translator. He speaks English, German and partly Italian. However, even after 1994, she remained faithful to television, albeit externally. As a screenwriter, she participated in the Sunday Morning Show which ended in 2000.

Marie Tomsova (68)


Mary Toms was one of the most famous announcers, but in the end she preferred the family

Originally she wanted to be an artist or illustrator of children’s books, but in 1977 she won an audition for a television presenter. And she remained in that position until 1994. You can certainly think of her as an actress – in the small role of a TV presenter in a timeless comedy. Sun straw and two slaps (1989). But few people know that, despite the fact that the announcer was a great professional, he suffered in his personal life. She suffered a terrible loss when her five-month-old son died and she could not get pregnant again for many years. When she succeeded (she eventually has two sons with her husband), she tried to combine work and parenthood. But she did not agree to external cooperation with television and left.

Alexander Himala (68)


Alexandre Himala is probably the most famous TV presenter

Of course, we can’t miss the gentlemen either, and when it comes to broadcasters, Alexander Himala is definitely a living legend. This elegantly mr He worked in Czechoslovakia and later on Czech television since 1973. He gave up broadcasting only after this position was completely abolished, so he carried the audience during the program for more than 30 years! He now works on the radio and runs social events.

Hana Hermankova (58)

Photo: Martin Hykl CZECH NEWS CENTER / CNC,

She cut off the announcer’s career to take care of her three sons

Before she and her husband, Karel Hymanek (73), had children, Hana Hemankova didn’t stop on TV. She worked as a broadcaster, and also presented various programmes, gave live broadcasts and also directed Frikvencia 1 women’s radio programmes. In 1992, she won the TýT poll. However, sponsoring three sons (Karel, 32, Joseph, 31 and Frantisek, 20) cannot be reconciled with this work commitment.

Now that the sons are adults, he’s back in full swing. She and her husband take care of the Pez Zabradly Theater and the Municipal Theater in Karlovy Vary.

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