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S DCERKOU a maskotem mistrovství světa.

Maris kicks Riga and says to the Czech Republic: Latvians are proud to host the tournament

“It is a pity that the spectators still cannot play,” he says from the Baltic states. In the spring, he hoped the situation would allow. “Our club owns his home in the winter stadium. We were looking forward to going there, but unfortunately,” adds the 30-year-old midfielder.

Latvians are concerned about the Coronavirus. In the country of nearly two million people, the number of infected people averages 500 in one day.

“It’s sad that even a hockey tournament is without an audience. It’s not like that in town, outside fans are missing. Yes, you see something going on here, but there are no crowds of people.”

In recent days, he has gone to the stadium where the Czechs train. “My daughter and I took a picture of the mascot, which is Skippy hedgehog,” said the player who worked in Slavia, Mlada Boleslav and Teplice.

However, they claim that the hockey tournament is a big holiday for Latvians. “They experience it, a lot of people wear their shirts here. During the week we went to the neighbors for the barbecue, they told them how happy they were,” Marish adds a new personal experience.

They are cheering in the gardens

There are no protests like Japan against the Summer Olympics. Of the country that was originally supposed to host the tournament with Belarus, “Latvians are proud to host the tournament, but after the problems of the neighboring dictatorship, it will eventually host it on their own,” he said.

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“People are cheering at least in restaurant gardens. They have big screen TVs everywhere, and they’re ready for it,” says Marish, a Chodova Plana native. By the way – this is where the parents of hockey player Peter Svoboda lived. In the time of Nagano, there was a lot of fun in a small town in Western Bohemia.

“I was very young. But I remember it was big. The next day, everyone was in front of the house,” he smiled.

And not far from here, in Mariinsky Lazne, two Czech actors Jerry Sika and Jacob Flick began playing hockey, but he does not know them personally. He adds, “A neighbor from Chudovka played with them in the pupils.” He himself has a positive attitude towards hockey.

“I watch every championship and I cheer for the Czech national team. We even have a party with which we go on the ice once a week in the winter. The left-footed soccer player, who has been playing for RFS Riga since January and is currently the leading team in the Latvian League,” said “It’s my second sport.”

He will visit the Czech Republic sometime in November, when the Latvian League ends. Until then, his home will be Riga. If the situation permits, he may also meet Czech hockey players.