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Marks & Spencer will stop selling refrigerated food in the Czech Republic

Marks & Spencer will stop selling refrigerated food in the Czech Republic

One of the British chain Marks & Spencer stores

Photo: M&S

British chain Marks & Spencer is also gaining ground in the Czech Republic with its food served as well as clothing and kitchen equipment. It will now make some basic changes to this list. Marks & Spencer announced that in response to the current situation in our country, it will stop selling refrigerated goods and replace them with frozen products. The change will also affect Rohlík, who sells his products.

Marks & Spencer currently operates 16 stores in the Czech Republic, and this year it plans to open another store and modernize food outlets in existing stores. More and more Czechs are attracted to more premium goods from Great Britain, and according to the chain, the demand for frozen products is increasing.

“The large food supply that we are announcing today was driven by massive customer demand for our frozen range, which has been seen since the start of the pandemic, along with the ongoing challenges we have faced in serving fresh food.” Marks and Spencer, Director of the Czech Republic, Stephen Smy.

Replacing chilled food with frozen food is also a reaction to events related to the departure of Great Britain from the European Union, which has allegedly complicated the supply of products to other countries for Marks & Spencer. “After the stores reopen, we will be able to confidently deliver the level of service customers expect from us and expand into a rapidly growing area of ​​the food market.” Smy added.

Although Marks & Spencer has closed a large portion of the past six months of these stores, it has been reported that a large portion of their customers have moved online. They can either shop directly at the Marks & Spencer online store, while has clothing, kitchen equipment and home accessories at its disposal, and exclusively offers groceries.

The largest local online supermarket of CzechCrunch has confirmed Marks & Spencer food as one of its most popular and most sought after products. “Unfortunately, our offer will also be affected by the changes announced by M&S for the Czech market, so the refrigerated assortment will not be available in our country either. But because we do not want customers to lose their favorite foods, we will replace part of the refrigerated assortment with a frozen one,” Says Rolek spokeswoman Denisa Morgenstein.

According to Rollick, the easiest way in this regard is to replace ready meals or some meats with frozen foods, for example. On the contrary, Marks & Spencer’s milk assortment in the Czech Republic will definitely disappear from the show. “Customers who are accustomed to the best quality of M&S, for example, can also choose a range of dairy products from other brands. We provide the most delicious food with high quality, for example from local suppliers,” Morgenstein adds.

Many of them have Marks & Spencer, which is mainly associated with the fashion that the British chain entered the Czech Republic twenty-five years ago. Clothing continues to account for more than two-thirds of the company’s sales, with the Czech subsidiary Marks & Spencer reporting revenues of nearly CZK 1.7 billion for the last fiscal year ending in March, with a loss of more than CZK 1.9 billion. The results of the last epidemiological year are not yet known.

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