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Mars and the Moon are our island, the Chinese report, and a plan to dominate space

Mars and the Moon are our island, the Chinese report, and a plan to dominate space

Mars and the Moon are our island, the Chinese report, and a plan to dominate space

China’s goal in space is similar to Earth’s goal – to obtain a dominant position. The Mars rover and the station base in Earth orbit are the first steps on the road to imminent Chinese dominance. What’s Next?

China’s Zhuong robotic laboratory descended on rails from the landing pad to the surface of Mars on Saturday. Thus the Middle Kingdom certainly became the second country after the United States to move a functioning reconnaissance facility to the surface of the planet.

Moreover, it was the first time that during its first mission to Mars, any Earth had been able to place a satellite in its orbit and land on its surface using a rover.

The scientific community cheered. But the question arises: Are China’s ambitions in space only scientific?

Moon and Mars as Chinese islands

Chinese President Xi Jinping has explained how China will advance in space in 2013. His unforgettable speech did not refer to science and cooperation, but to power goals as well as confrontation.

The Chinese leader said, “The universe is the ocean, and the moon is Senkaku Island (part of Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, which China claims), and Mars is Huangyan Island (China is in conflict with the Philippines).) If we don’t go further, if we can. We go now, future generations will not forgive us. If others go, they will take possession of these islands. This is reason enough to pursue a cosmic dream. “

You have set a goal – China will become a leading power in space by 2045 at the latest. It will overtake the United States and be the dominant power that defines the rules of the game Similar to what you are doing today in the seas bordering the Chinese mainland.

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Visions that the Moon and Mars will become islands, disputed what plans China has and what Chinese dominance in space might look like. This can be assumed China will follow Earth’s gravity in a similar way to Earth In Africa or Latin America, for example, to seek to gain control of its resources, thus strengthening its position in power. At the same time, space provides a large number of strategic resources in the form of energy and raw materials that can accelerate economic growth.

Big leap towards the stars

Eight years after the president’s unforgettable speech, China has made a huge leap in space.

The landing of its spacecraft on the surface of Mars comes after it placed the base unit of its permanent station in orbit and completed a successful mission to the moon, bringing its first soil samples to Earth 44 years ago.

Then the Chinese want, among other things, to send a probe to asteroids in 2022 and to Jupiter by 2029. By the end of the decade, China wants to operate a rocket capable of carrying more than 100 tons in orbit. Five years later, China plans to start flights of a reusable missile launcher. In 2040, their nuclear powered shuttle is set to fly, and at the same time, China wants to have solar power plants in space.

By 2045, the Middle Kingdom should become a “space empire”Which will use the resources of the alien planets, asteroids and comets that will colonize the solar system.

Is the Chinese country going to move forward in the direction of the South China Sea, or to the countries of Africa and South America?

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Let’s hope the fierce competition from America and Europe will prevent it.