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This is what the seismometer revealed on the surface of Mars

Mars is associated with the star Leo Heart today in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye

Monitors the sky of Egypt and the Arab world, today, Thursday, a conjunction Mars With the star of the Lion Heart after sunset and moving towards the beginning of the night above the western horizon in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye, and the planet Venus will also appear in the upper left part (or the celestial east).

And the Jeddah Astronomical Society revealed in a report that the star Lionheart in white will be brighter than the dim Mars and will be separated by only 0.6 degrees, which means that they will be close enough to each other, so that they can be monitored together in the field of view of the telescope.

Generally in late July 2021, the bright planet Venus is first seen after sunset as it shines more than 100 times from Leo’s heart. On the other hand, the heart of Leo is 1.6 times brighter than Mars.

The opportunity is prepared to see Mars and the Leo’s Heart with the naked eye better in the southern hemisphere and the northern tropics, and it is likely that observers in northern latitudes will need to use the telescope.

There are two reasons why the northern tropics and southern hemisphere have a better view of the conjunction of Mars and Leoheart, because twilights stay longer after sunset in summer than in winter. Second, Mars and Leoheart remain above the horizon longer after sunset at southern latitudes while they set shortly after sunset at northern latitudes.

Night (the end of astronomical twilight) always comes immediately after sunset at the equator, and currently it is winter in the southern hemisphere, and summer in the northern hemisphere, for this reason the twilight is shorter in the southern half than in similar latitudes in the northern hemisphere, for example For example, at 45°N latitude, evening twilights now last about 25 minutes longer than 45°S.

It is worth noting that Mars, despite being a theoretical evening planet until October 2021, is likely to gradually disappear from view during August 2021, when the glow of evening twilight will begin to obliterate the Red Planet..

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