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Mars is the third planet of the solar system and is called the blue planet

Mars is the third planet of the solar system and is called the blue planet

Mars is the third planet of the solar system and it is called the blue planet. Mars is considered one of the planets of the solar system in the solar system, and it is the third planet, and it is called the blue planet. In 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) presented the latest definition of planets and stated that they are celestial bodies Spherical in shape, as if it has a sea of ​​gravity that helps maintain its shape, while it revolves, it revolves around other stars, such as the sun, in specific orbits, and the number of solar planets is eight, in addition to that the planets are distinguished by their size and different terrain, and given the importance of the subject, we will talk about some Ideas about Mars.

Mars is the third planet of the solar system and is called the blue planet

Mars is the fourth in terms of distance from the sun in the solar system and is classified as a rocky planet within the group of Earth-like planets because it is adjacent to the Earth, so it is called a second name, which is the red planet, and this title is due to the color of the planet, which tends to be red due to the high proportion of dust. (Fe2O3) in its atmosphere, surface, and context, we conclude that the following sentence is

components of Mars

Mars consists of three layers, which when arranged from the inside to the outside are as follows: the core, the mantle, and then the crust. Each layer consists of the following:

  • Core Most scientists believe that the core occupies about half of the total surface area of ​​Mars because it is composed of high levels of sulfur, iron and nickel. Debate still exists about the nature of the core, as it can be completely liquid or contain a solid center of iron and a liquid outer surface.
  • Canopy This layer is similar to the Earth’s canopy as it consists mostly of peridotite rocks and also includes oxygen, magnesium, iron and silicon.
  • The crust The crust of Mars consists of basaltic rocks, which are the same on both the moon and the Earth. Some parts of it located in the northern hemisphere of the planet may consist of andesian rocks, which are a type of volcano, a rock full of silica.
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Names of famous landmarks on Mars

This planet is characterized by a distinctive terrain that makes it different from other planets, there are some famous and large landmarks on Mars, and we mention the most prominent of them

  • Mount Olympus.
  • Hellas Crater.
  • Mariner Valley (Vallis marineris).