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Marsa Alam International Airport receives today 39 international flights from Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy

Today, Saturday, Marsa Alam International Airport receives 39 international flights, arriving from several European countries within 129 flights received by the airport from today until the end of the week, as arrival procedures are facilitated for incoming tourists until their arrival at the hotels of their residence.

And it was revealed from the schedule of flights scheduled to arrive today, 14 flights from Poland, 5 flights from the Czech Republic, a flight from Austria, 9 flights from Italy, 7 from Germany, a flight from the Netherlands, and a flight from Belgium.

It was also shown from the weekly incoming flights during the current week to Marsa Alam Airport, that flights arrive from 11 European countries, led by the Czech Republic and Germany, and arrival rates increased during the week by 10 flights compared to last week.

The competent authorities at Marsa Alam International Airport, in coordination with each other, process the process of finalizing the arrival procedures for tourists and applying security and health measures to them in a quick way, so that they can be transferred to the hotels of their residence to enjoy their vacations on the shores of the Red Sea.

It is noteworthy that the city of Marsa Alam is a favorite city for most Europeans to spend their holidays in, especially Italians, as most Italian tourists have not stopped visiting it throughout the year.

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