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Marsa Alam tourists face the cold snap with a fruit festival on the seashore

Tourists in Marsa Alam city are facing the cold wave that Egypt is currently witnessing with a fruit festival on the Red Sea shore.

Abu Al-Hajjaj Al-Ammari, hotel manager in Marsa Alam, said that the hotel organized a festival for seasonal fruits in large quantities, with the participation of the hotel’s chefs, by making juices from orange and strawberry fruits, and making fruit dishes with the participation of dozens of tourists from the hotel’s guests.

On the same level, and in a unique experience, a number of tourists in a tourist resort in Marsa Alam city, south of the Red Sea Governorate, participated in the cooking process in a hotel.

Nearly 30 tourists of different nationalities, dressed in culinary attire, were keen to share with the chefs in the hotel in preparing and preparing lunch, to learn how to prepare Egyptian dishes.

Abu Al-Hajjaj Al-Ammari, general manager of the hotel in Marsa Alam, said that the experience met the tourists’ request to participate in cooking food, as they were very happy. The European tourist loves Egyptian food and is keen to enjoy it while he is inside the tourist resorts, but this time our tourists were keen to learn how to cook. The Egyptian government, taking all preventive and precautionary measures and measures, and the participation of tourists in making meals and desserts for lunch.

Al-Ammari indicated that the children also participated in the work, but away from the kitchen, where the danger to children is from the cooking equipment