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Martina Furmanova, Gotha's ex-mistress: how did the famous singer pack?

Martina Furmanova, Gotha’s ex-mistress: how did the famous singer pack?

Martina Furmanova dated Karel Gott when she was only eighteen years old. But their relationship lasted five years, and they grew incredibly well and slept alongside him. Unfortunately, she wanted a serious acquaintance with the singer, and he was not very interested. That’s why, according to Dominica Goet’s book, they split up.

After dating Martina Furmanova for several years with Czech folk music legend Karel Goet, the singer left her because she expected more from her relationship than he did. Martina became sad, but eventually forgave Karl, and the two became friends for life. This remained the case even after his friend Milos Forman married her.

“Milos and Karel were the same.” Foremanova told Aha! At first she dated Karel and then Milosz. She liked her relationship with Karel very much and often even after the parting. It was said that it was very strong and intense. It lasted for five years, and maybe it will continue for some time if Martina does not want to. Marry and start a family It is said that Kaga was not yet ready for any commitments.

Intrigues with Gott lasted five years

In the end, her fateful man became a famous director, best known for his movie Journey Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Milosz Foreman. She took him and moved with him to a farm in Connecticut and lived next to him until the last minute.

Martina flash She revealed that she packed both men who are famous for their beauty. She longed for a partner she could look up to, and she didn’t care if he was handsome or not. She had enough beauty for both of them.

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“Yes, I gathered Karel and Milosh and I am not hiding it. There is nothing wrong with falling in love and then pursuing the person in question.”

When she fell in love with Jute, her parents did not want a relationship and were hoping it would soon end. But Martina was totally infatuated with Karel.

He didn’t want the engagement, so the breakup came

“Unlike most of my peers, Karel was interesting and attractive. He always wore elegant clothes and smelled almost imperceptibly spicy perfumes. He knew German Chancellor Helena Vondrachkova, history and geography, and loved movies.” Lightning.

But after a while she rented an apartment in Prague and wanted to move to Karel, he got scared and the separation came. Soon, the singer began dating another beauty, Jitka Svobodová. Then he came back to Martina again, but he kept cheating on her, which Foreman couldn’t do, and the final finish came.

“We were all at different times in our lives. Karel was a storm, and I was ready to settle in,” concluded her split from Jute Foremanova.

Take a look at what Foreman thinks about infidelity in the video!

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