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Patrik Martinec si v Jižní Koreji udělal jako trenér skvělé jméno, teď se opět zkusí prosadit v české extralize

Martinique on Correa and Motor: Two years ago, Pisa wanted me to return to Sparta

From South Korea to Southern Bohemia. During his five years in Seoul, Patrick Martinique (49) led the Anyang Hall team three times to victory in the Asian League. After the early end of last season due to Coronavirus, he participated in the final season with Sakhalin, so the transnational competition did not start at all. This was the reason why he decided to make a comeback. “The level has gone down, we still don’t know what it will be like next season,” he explains. His next steps are for eskوفيت Budjovi, where he will be the new assistant coach, Jaroslaw Modret.

He first played for Anyang Hall for five seasons and served as an assistant for a year. The jersey bearing the number 43 was removed from the equipment in his honor, as soon as he returned to Sparta to the position of sports director, they had been waiting for him for five years. For the second time, Patrick Martinique said goodbye as a well-known icon. Now he is about to take on a new challenge. “I approached the way they want to build a team and how they want to present themselves,” he said of Budowicz.

I am back at Easter. Were you able to add up as a citizen?
“We succeeded on the first day after the start from Korea. Before the system broke down, we counted the whole family. We were done, and we were able to return without similar concerns.”

During the winter season, you announced in advance that you will finish in Korea. Has it seemed to you so long?
“There are several reasons. The first is that you still do not know what the AFC will look like. Due to the Coronavirus, it was expected whether or not it would run, in the end you did not play at all. The main problem was the quarantine every two weeks. In Japan and Korea. , It is mandatory upon arrival without exception. The start has been constantly postponed, instead only the Korean competitions have been played. As a result, the sporting level has decreased. No one still knows if the AFC will be played next season. “

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The next reason?
“A year before leaving for Korea for the second time, my eldest daughter started studying international relations at Seoul University. She has already finished her studies, and my wife and I have been there alone for the past year. We wanted the family back together. Even though the two daughters are already old, we are We will stay at home. Time to go back. “

How was your engagement in esk Budjovice?
“Even when I was in the Czech Republic last year and talking to people about hockey, I mentioned that it looks like it is my last season in Korea. My contract is ending and I don’t decide if I extend it, but I probably will end it. I still don’t know for sure, I decided. And my family definitely comes around Christmas. Probably she was brought to the Czech Republic, sometime at the end of January, among other things, České Budějovice hit her. They came up with a show, and we started talking. “

You say, among other things. Do you have any other options?
“There were other variants, but this one is the best for me. I have a meeting with people from the club, which makes sense to me, and I consider it an interesting challenge. I felt it could be good.”

Did you know Yaroslav Modrit before which team would he lead as a new coach?
“He is not closer. I know him as a competitor. We are in the same year, but we did not meet in one team.”

He would be a newcomer to the Extra League, and he played short hockey for a while. Another assistant, Roman Fosske, has worked with the youth so far. Wouldn’t you be the most experienced coach of the trio in the end?
“As for the extra league, yes. But Garda had satisfied. Among other things, he worked as an assistant on the Los Angeles farm at AHL for three years. Few Czech coaches have this coaching experience. Probably none.”

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Will you be just an assistant or will you do something else?
“I have three jobs. Assistant and Scouting Leader for Student and Athletic Leader of the Academy. Budiovi doesn’t have the position of Athletic Director as such, but that was also the reason why they wanted me to help build a team and was tied to the youth. Once in Sparta. Firstly, I don’t like it, secondly, I won’t have time for it, and thirdly I don’t even want to do it. Sports, yes, paperwork is by no means. ”

When are you going south?
“We have an agreement on everything, training starts on May 3. Right before that, we have to go through the sports field, and we fine-tune the details. It is also not well prepared when we do not know what will be released and what will not be released. In any case, I also expect to live in Bodjovice during the season. “

In the extra league, Sparta claimed silver for the last time. That’s when you said in an interview with Sport, regarding the matter, that you think you haven’t said the last word. Is it true that the former club president, Peter Pisa, lured you today?
I got out of it two years ago