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فيلم "أفينجرز: إندجيم"

Marvel announces its plan until 2025 .. a surprise for Avengers fans

Marvel Studios announced its production plan until 2025, unveiling two new Avengers films by 2025.

“Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars” (Avengers: Secret Wars) and “Avengers: Secret Wars” (Avengers: The Kang Dynasty), Marvel President Kevin Feige said at the annual Comic-Con conference in popular culture in San Diego, California. They will conclude the sixth phase of this highly successful series.

Fiji explained that stages four through six will be known as the “Multiverse Saga” (the saga of the multiverse). The announcements were met with loud cheers and applause from a crowd of more than 6,000 in a crowded conference room, although Fiji gave few details.

The exploration of “parallel worlds” or “multiverse”, is a concept promoted by the “Marvel Comics” and stems from the idea that an infinite number of worlds coexist with our world, each with its own story about superheroes, their enemies and their schemes.

The Marvel Studios movie series launched in 2008 with the movie “Iron Man”, which succeeded in making the comic strips and related characters available to the general public.

“Marvel” was able to maintain the audience’s passion and interest after releasing more than twenty interconnected films, as shown by the great success of the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), which achieved a total revenue of about $ 2.8 billion, and became the second owner of The highest revenue ever. The Marvel Cinematic Universe films have grossed more than $25 billion worldwide.

“Marvel is currently a symbol of success in Hollywood, when a movie opens with revenues of between 150 and 200 million dollars, no one will refrain from criticizing,” said analyst Jeff Book of the specialist “Extor Relationships”.

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About a year ago, Kevin Feige revealed new details about the expected fifth part of the Avengers series, indicating that it will take time before its release, so the film is planned to be released in 2023.

The site indicated that the fourth part of the Avengers series witnessed radical changes, as the superhero Iron Man and the heroine Black Widow died, and Captain America left, which would result in changing the fifth part of the “Avengers”, both in terms of the story or the heroes.