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Masharipov's doctor raises controversy .. "The world wants to know his name!"

Masharipov’s doctor raises controversy .. “The world wants to know his name!”

Uzbek Jalaluddin Masharipov caused; The Saudi Al-Nasr player, in many questions, after his sudden appearance tonight, during the Fayhaa match.

Why is Masharipov’s appearance a surprise?

Today, Thursday, the player led the world to victory against Al-Fayhaa with a clean goal, in the 25th round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup.

A few days ago, on the 11th of this month, the Uzbekistan participated in the 2-2 draw against Al-Ittifaq, in the 24th round of the local league.

After confronting Al-Ati, Al-Nasr announced that Masharipov had suffered a fracture of the nasal bone, as well as a bruise on the face, which means that he should have missed the Al-Fayhaa match tonight, but he participated normally.

“The world wants to know the name of its doctor!”

Some media professionals began to question how the Uzbek participated in the match. Wasn’t talking about the goal he scored, as much as talking about how the fracture was treated in just five days, especially since he didn’t even have a residue on his face?

Sports journalist Abdul Aziz Al-Nasiri wrote, through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “I hope you will teach us about the doctor who treated Masharipov within three days. The world has been sitting for two months.”