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Mask changes his name to "Ilona" and then brings it back to how it was... and the reason?!

Mask changes his name to “Ilona” and then brings it back to how it was… and the reason?!

It seems that the quarrel between the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, andAmerican billionaire Elon Musk It will not go unnoticed.

After taking and responding between them about Musk’s invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to fight “man to man”, and the Chechen ally responded to him, saying that Musk would face a quick defeat, the American billionaire changed his name on Twitter to “Ilona Mask”, and he remained so for a few hours until he returned it as it was .

The Tesla CEO shared a statement on Telegram that warned the Chechen leader not to seek to challenge the Russian president.

He tweeted thanking him for the offer, and said, “But such excellent training will give me a lot of advantages… If he’s afraid to fight (referring to Putin), I’ll agree to use my left hand only… I’m not left-handed,” signing it as ” Ilona”.

Controversy in front of 77 million followers

It is reported that Kadyrov, a Putin ally who rules Russia’s semi-autonomous region of Chechnya, had stressed that Putin would oust Musk, saying: “I do not advise you to compete with Putin.”

This came after Musk, the American billionaire who is considered the richest man in the world, challenged the Russian president in a “man to man” fight, according to what he said through his Twitter account, in reference to his position on the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the American billionaire has become accustomed to causing controversy on Twitter, as his account has more than 77 million followers.

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In February, Musk accused the stock exchange supervisory authority, which has imposed sanctions on him in previous years, of seeking to silence his freedom of expression.