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Mass Effect developer shares a teaser for Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect developer shares a teaser for Mass Effect 4

November 7 falls on N7, the anniversary of the Mass Effect team BioWare celebrates the Mass Effect series and our studio promises every year to celebrate this day with the Mass Effect audience by exciting them sometimes with presentations or photos of upcoming Mass Effect projects.

For example, in 2016, in celebration of N7 Day, a new cinematic video was released for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and yesterday for N7 Day, the Bioware team released a new teaser image for the Mass Effect 4 project.

A technical teaser for the Mass Effect 4 project has been released, with confirmation that they are working hard on developing this project that represents the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe. He thanked the players for their continued support.

That image sparked speculation, and it was said that it might carry hints of the game’s story and events, and it contains a spaceship with 4 characters descending from it. As for the ship and its crew, some have indicated that it belongs to the character Liara T’Soni.

Before this game was revealed and in 2017, the developer had explained then why Mass Effect 4 was not released? The director of the team, Mac Walters, stated that they wanted to end the story of the original trilogy and work on something new, and the end of the third part, which put players in front of a fateful choice in which they determine the future of the Milky Way galaxy, made it difficult to complete the story with a fourth part.

The story of Mass Effect 4 should have addressed the consequences of each of the two options that the player was given in the third part, and this is not easy, so the developer resorted to presenting Mass Effect: Andromeda, which in his opinion provided the most appropriate sequel to the story by leaving the Milky Way galaxy and moving to the Andromeda galaxy with new characters and events .

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