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Trenér Olomouce Zdeněk Moták.

Matak: We are not dealing with other reinforcements now. What will be the key to Moro?

On Monday, I met again a few weeks later. How did it go?
We trained on the spot in groups of eight. We all met except for Hunza Knutek, who trains individually in Prague. The common part relates to 25 players, some of them, the elderly, or those with a health problem, will prepare individually.

What does the preparation schedule for the new extra season look like?
It will consist of two such parts – the first part of Four Weeks is now available and ends at the end of May. This will be followed by a week of individual training, during which players will be given a vacation with quotes and prepare themselves. Then there will be another four-week block, during which we will focus on intensity, and we’ll work on dynamics and velocity, and it will finish sometime in early July. This should be followed by a three-week block from these individual training sessions, Recovery Leave. In the week of July 19, we want to test and get players tested and go to the ice on July 26. We have already arranged some pre-season games there.

Who will you meet in preparation?
We have already arranged Pardubice, Witkovice, Comita Brno, Hradec Králové almost done. These four opponents should be after two games, but maybe we will try to arrange one match, at most two additional games, to give all players a chance. There will be enough of us, so we want everyone to play. Although the staff are somewhat helpful here, it doesn’t change which is an added bonus – we don’t work with a team that has completely changed, we know what to expect from these people. Of course, we would like them to constantly improve, be demanding of themselves, and be tough on themselves, in short, to keep our performance and shape in progress.

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The only newcomer to date is defender Dalibor Jezhniecik. Is it a welcome promotion in the back rows?
Of course, we hope this helps us bolster our defense even further. We were also received by Tomás Cerni, who returned from his visit in Jihlava. Thanks to them, our line of defense should be stronger. We believe that both will be reinforcements for our team.

Reinforcements are not a topic. If we are healthy

Are there new faces on the horizon?
We are not thinking about it now, it is useless for us at the moment. We think we have the team ready with the start of the extra league, it should be an interesting and special team to strengthen us. One thing that is important to us …

We need to be healthy. If we have a team together, we can really be competitors. Right at the start of preparation, we pleaded with the players to preserve their health, and do their utmost to be as healthy as possible and for as long as possible in the difficult next year. If we don’t avoid injuries – just like last season – it will be a bad thing. You know that once we were in the full squad, we were able to eliminate Pilsen and torture my favorite Sparta. If we’re in good health, I guess I don’t have to talk about any reinforcements yet. Of course, competition can develop in any way, then we will interact with it, but at the moment it is not a topic for us.

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In the dry preparations before last season, you focused a lot on prevention, but the conditions were still not suitable for you and fought a lot.
Often it was a hit from the match, and it wasn’t that we picked the wrong setup. There were broken arms and thrown shoulders. Injuries such as someone lying on a bullet and breaking their arm will not simply affect it. Coppa Jarolim (Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach, Morey, Editor’s Note) would take under his thumb again, we think he is doing well and will have a good result. Last season, the problem was Lukac Klimek and Peter Stratch initially injured. There was always someone packing and suddenly there were four guys, sometimes six, and that was a problem. You can see it for yourself in the final – Tinec played him in a full squad, Liberec just didn’t have enough settled players. And it didn’t work, it was almost without a chance.

Třinec deservedly won

Did you feel like watching TV for the rest of the season, even though it was without you?
Yes, I honestly looked and must say Třinec is well deserved and I have to congratulate him. They have had consistent form throughout the season and played very well, have very good players in their midst, and in the end it turns out.

The final was with several hundred spectators in the stands. It’s hope for the next few months, what do you say?
Of course, without spectators gameplay is always a bad thing. In fact, the purpose of professional sports – to entertain people. If it is played with the audience, we will only be happy. If we had it there, they’d cheer us up, and they’d be happy with that, and we’d be happy with that too, and that’s basically.

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