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Matchic: The World According to the Greens. Seeing the German side close to the Biden government’s priorities, opinions

Given that the Greens will likely rule Germany from autumn, it is time to wonder what to expect.

It is generally known what the green represents in environmental, industrial or energy issues. But the most important thing for us is to know what they have in foreign policy, geopolitics, defense and security.

It must be said that the Greens are not hiding these topics in any way. In an interview with FAZ, Chancellor Candidate Analina Berbock called for a closer partnership between the European Union and the United States, mainly to create a systemic competition with China.

The issue of the relationship with authoritarian regimes is said to be crucial for the Greens. “Dialogue with toughness” must go hand in hand with Russia.

Unfashionable 2% of GDP?

Burbock rejects 2% of total defense spending. It is said that this goal is no longer sewn in the modern era. Europe needs to do more and integrate its military projects more to avoid waste and duplication. Defense spending should relate to the specific capabilities of militaries and not to digital goals.

In a program published a month ago, the Greens promised a more proactive foreign policy: So far, Germany has been only a mediator, but when it comes to decision-making, it is either hesitant or in hiding.

The Greens want Germany to become a “composed force in foreign policy,” especially in the European Union and the United Nations. According to this party, the European Union should be better equipped to deal with crises. They must better protect critical infrastructure and public interests and defend universal human rights. The party calls for reforming the United Nations and abolishing the veto power in the Security Council. Only the general assembly decides by a qualified majority.

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Collaboration with the United States should primarily be based on combating climate change, digitalization, trade, and healthcare. America will focus more on the Pacific, and European countries should become more responsible for defense and security policy, including NATO’s eastern flank, Poland and the Baltic states.

Geoff Rathke of the American Institute for German Studies stated that seeing the Greens is close to the Biden administration’s priorities and good for Atlantic relations. However, the choice of alliance partners narrows somewhat. The German left (die Linke) has already attacked the Greens for their “warrior rhetoric”, something similar can be expected from the Social Democrats. Liberals from the FDP are calling for more European defense integration and “European armies” than the Greens.

The German Green Party’s “exit” in foreign policy was discussed nicely on Twitter by German and Atlantic security analyst Ulrich Speck. He notes that the priority for the Greens is the green transformation of the economy, not foreign policy. The coalition will want ministries that allow it to fulfill its priorities: finance, infrastructure, etc. German foreign policy must continue to balance industry and business interests, and it will remain “German” foreign policy.

The party leadership has shifted towards realism in foreign policy, but the party base is still very peaceful, suspicious of NATO, nuclear weapons, etc. According to Speck, the Greens are dominated by morals and ethics. This could limit the strategic approach. Condemnation-based morals will limit ethics based on responsibility.

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The Greens – faithful to their traditions – will view foreign policy from a human rights and dissident perspective (in Turkey, Russia, China, and Belarus). It is an important component of strategic foreign policy, but other aspects must also be considered. There is a great risk that the foreign policy, either managed or influenced by the Green Party, is too strong in various statements, and even weaker in implementing what is being talked about, especially in terms of hard power.

Encouragingly, Burbock is a graduate of the London School of Economics, has experience with the European Parliament and has a compass set that chimes with what Joe Biden wants: She also wants a strategic competition between democracies and authoritarian regimes.

The essence of green policy

Lots of notes by Ulrich Speck. The problem is that those two percent of GDP is on defense – and disrupting them without any other definite plan is gambling and irresponsibility. Two percent is like democracy, it’s horrible, but no one has come up with anything better. Plus, it is straightforward and simple. Without it, NATO would be a gallimatia. But the truth is, even the current Grand Alliance has not taken 2% seriously.

It’s good that Europe is more interested in defending the Baltic states and Poland than the United States, but I don’t think they want much in these countries, and maybe they’re not happy to talk about it at all. On the one hand, these countries would be happy to be the Greens against Nord Stream 2. But here, the essence of green policy is a mystery. If they are against coal, nuclear and even gas, then, teacher, does it sink and shine with what? Who knows, dear children?

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The greatest influence on the Czechs in the future is also on the fundamental issue. The Greens in the German government would simply find a way to stop the development of nuclear energy in their neighbors. And when our greenery becomes pirate name, it will be completely painted.

The author is Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPPS.