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Matos is terrified of his family: here the fun ends!

Matos is terrified of his family: here the fun ends!

Fighting with the neighbor was on you Matouch Police: “We reported a dispute between neighbors about smoking on the balcony, when there was supposed to be an argument. When one of the men was supposed to go shopping, his neighbor almost threw him down the stairs. No attack, no property damage and no one wanted to report anything, so the whole thing was resolved immediately, ”police spokesperson Jan Danuk told ivotvČ

But according to Bohosh Matouch, the situation has not calmed down, and problems are said to have continued from the first day they entered the house. “A neighbor saw that I was a singer and started saying that he was also in front of me a musician playing guitar and trumpets, and that he didn’t want to hear any guitar note or sing during the day … For us the musicians are not curious, we thought it was some fun at the time,” he took Position with a goal.

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But the neighbor in question showed that he was serious about his distaste. “But the Lord often knocks on our door because he is not curious about my singing, and that I have to go to the stage to sing, but sometimes I also need to sing. I think the master is probably sick. The previous tenants were also having issues with it, but they didn’t tell us. So we walked around the apartment on tiptoe, and turned on the TV carefully so as not to knock on us again … I think he’s a guy who likes to look for trouble. We have friends in wheelchairs, they had a cigarette outside the house and he was cursing them too. “ It depicts remarkable moments under the common Matouch ceiling and adds: “We have to go, we have to move, we have to deal with it. He was looking at us from the balcony, what we were doing at home … We don’t want this, it’s about safety, so we go out.”

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