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Mauritius asks Google to describe the Sagos Islands as part of its territory

Mauritius asks Google to describe the Sagos Islands as part of its territory

Mauritius asks Google to describe the Sagos Islands as part of its territory

Insists that the United Kingdom still retains sovereignty over the archipelago

Tuesday – Rajab 21, 1443 Hijri – February 22, 2022 AD

Controversy continues over naming the Sagos archipelago on Google Maps (archive-Reuters).

London: “Middle East Online”

Controversy continues over naming the Sagos archipelago on Google Maps. The United Kingdom insisted that the “British Indian Ocean Territory” – one of the smallest red dots in the world of traditional map – Mauritius still retains sovereignty over the so-called “British Indian Ocean Territory”, which in a series is recognized as the legitimate owner of the archipelago. Google has officially renamed the islands as part of its territory, with international court rulings and a nationwide referendum requested in 2019.
The Guardian’s documents were sent to the search engine’s headquarters in California, where it was requested that the “British Indian Ocean Territory” be cleared of US strategic military base Diego Garcia.
Mauritius first sent a request to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in January 2020, asking it to “immediately fix this error” and cite the advice of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
Prior to independence in 1968, the court ruled that Britain had “illegally” separated the Sagos Islands from Mauritius. A majority of the UN General Assembly voted in favor of the court, saying Mauritius should “stop the illegal colonization of the United Kingdom”.
“This error can be interpreted as an implicit acknowledgment of the illicit administration of the United Kingdom,” the letter said. He added that the islands should have the identity of “Sagos Archipelago (Republic of Mauritius)”.
Two requests were sent by Mauritius criticizing the “wrong name”, but no changes were made online. Mauritius has warned that legal action will be taken against Google.
Mauritius’ Ambassador to the United Nations Jagadish Kongol said, “We have not received an answer. This is frustrating. One would think that Google would be the right place to get information and that everything they provide would be accurate. What they are showing is not true. ”
When the British discover the Indian Ocean, Google Maps describes it as “the disputed British Territory of the United Kingdom, located halfway across the Indian Ocean between Tanzania and Indonesia.”
After the Guardian contacted her, Google said it was investigating the matter.
Instead, Apple Maps agreed to change its name. After searching for “British Indian Ocean Territory” on its maps, the answer is: “No results found.”
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Foreign Affairs and Development said: “The United Kingdom has no doubt about our sovereignty over the British Indian Ocean, which we have maintained since 1814. We have never maintained sovereignty over the territory of Mauritius.”
In parallel, Sோgos has issued a letter of support to former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime supporter of the exiles in Mauritius. “The British government must deal with Mauritius and negotiate this issue,” he said. He called on the government to immediately restore the right to deport Sagos and work with Mauritius on a pilot resettlement program.


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