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May 8 - Mother's Day and Mother's Day

May 8 – Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day

Christmas Eve May 8 – Victory Day this year falls on Sunday, so there will be no free days and the weekend will not be late. This public holiday belongs to the fact that all shops of less than 200 square meters must have it2 Zaveno. Men’s shops can be opened, so regardless of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe store in letic, ndrach and in medical facilities, according to the shop and gas station.

This day marks the end of the world’s largest conflict. Peel. Since then, politicians representing the great powers, including the vanquished, have proclaimed that we have used the furnace, although history must not be repeated. Pesto has since been bombed in Europe.

Not only that, but on May 9 the world’s attention will turn to the successor of one of the then existing powers, the Soviet Union – the Russian Federation, with its traditional country. This year without some foreign guests, because it is “not a year”.

So we’d better think of a happy holiday this weekend, because it’s the 8th of May this year mother’s Daywhich is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

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