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May Al-Aidan attacks Maya Diab in defense of Adham Nabulsi - (video)

May Al-Aidan attacks Maya Diab in defense of Adham Nabulsi – (video)

Al-Quds Al-Arabi: She attacked the Kuwaiti media Mai Al-AidanOn her program “Account Statement”, the Lebanese singer Maya Diab after her statements about the Jordanian artist’s retirement Adham Nabulsi.

Al-Aidan showed her dissatisfaction with the harsh attack and negative statements made by activists on the Internet, and demanded that they respect his decision and his privacy, stressing that she agrees with him that some of the things included in the art category are forbidden, but not all, citing the existence of Islamic works and series.

She said: “The story of Adham Nabulsi’s retirement.. a young artist is famous and people love him.. love his songs and his voice.. he has charisma, presence and successes.. God bless him.. On how we are..from his point of view, it is forbidden. How..I agree with him, but not all art is forbidden..because there are Islamic and other dramas..In the end, he decided to retire, so salvation.

And she added, “But the story of the attack on him and the appearance of Professor Maya Diab’s speech is strange.. By God, you, Maya, whose presence in art is forbidden.. There is no content and you are naked.. I think you are one of the founders of forbidden art. The one who is sitting talking is crazy, the listener is sane.”

Al-Aidan recalled several stars who had retired from the world of art, commenting, “Shadia retired and Suhair al-Babli retired and Adham… They saw that they turn to their Lord, so he has no reason to attack him, he knows his condition and sees what benefits him.”

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Maya Diab had I commented on Adham’s retirement She said: “Art is not forbidden. It is forbidden that you are in it,” which sparked controversy among the followers.